Epilogue ...

Julian took over complete control of Crane Industries upon the death of his father, Alistair. He improved the company's image while maintaining its success in the business world.

He and Eve were married as soon as her divorce from TC was finalized. They were wed on the beach in Bermuda and enjoyed a relaxing and passionate honeymoon on the island.

Eve continued working at the hospital and was never hassled again about her late hours.

Eight months after she moved into the Crane Mansion, Eve gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom they named Aidan Seth Crane. He was the perfect mixture of his parents, bearing his father's eyes and nose and his mother's mouth and complexion. Only his hair was his own - it grew in as gorgeous locks that were the deepest shade of brown. He was the apple of his parents' eyes.

Whitney eventually fell in love with and married Julian's son Fox. They moved into the mansion for awhile after their wedding. Fox and his father slowly worked out their differences and eventually forged a true father/son relationship.

Simone transferred to a college in Florida, and there met and fell in love with a young architecture student who showed her the true meaning of love.

TC eventually remarried after meeting a former nun on a cruise. The two hit if off big and have been inseparable ever since.

When Aidan was six years old, Julian and Eve learned the truth about their first child...that they had had a daughter, not a son. They were stunned to learn she had been so close to them, in Harmony, all of her life. With both of their children home, Eve and Julian were on cloud nine.

Julian groomed Fox to one day replace him at Crane Industries, hoping that sometime in the future Aidan would be able to learn the ropes from his big brother and become the next Crane heir.

Rebecca used her millions to buy a yacht that she stocked with a well-built crew. She was last seen setting sail to South America, as happy as could be about the scenery.

Mrs. Wallace ended up in an excellent nursing home, thanks to Sheridan. She kept herself busy chasing the home's young manager around. He was always looking over his shoulder for signs of his walker-wielding admirer.

Beth and Charlie both received life sentences for their involvement in the triple kidnapping. They were sent to the same prison, much to Beth's horror and Charlie's delight.

Sheridan's annulment from Antonio came through quickly. She and Luis were married immediately afterward in a small ceremony at their church, with Julia Eve as the "flower girl," spending most of the time being lovingly held by her parents' two guests of honor, Julian and Eve.

After the wedding, the couple spent their honeymoon in Sheridan's favorite city, Paris, and in Spain, which Luis had always wanted to see. Before they left, Julian surprised them with his wedding gift - a temporary nanny hired to go along on the trip and look after Julia Eve, so that she could be with her parents on their honeymoon.

Much to Julian's delight, Sheridan and Luis stayed on at the estate, building a new home near their beloved cottage. They eventually had three more children - another daughter, Katherine, who looked just like Sheridan with her blond hair and blue eyes, and identical twin boys named Martin and Michael, who were the picture of their father, Luis, right down to their gorgeous smiles.

Luis finally realized his dream of going to law school. Upon passing the bar exam, he set up a practice in Harmony that catered to the underprivileged. He fought hard for every client.

Sheridan raised her children without the help of a nanny, and when the twins started school, she went to work as an executive at Crane Industries, right alongside her brother Julian. He was amazed at her capacity for business and ashamed that he had overlooked her talents for so long.

Julian and Sheridan remained close. She never told anyone the secrets he had revealed to her in the pit. She knew that Julian's redemption had become complete during his time with her there. There was no more need to dredge up the past.

She always smiled when she saw him in the yard playing with little Aidan and her children. He loved spending time with them. Julia Eve, she knew, would always hold a special place in her uncle's heart. She was what led him back to his one true love, and her name forever symbolized their togetherness.

Although none of the three captives looked back on their time in the pit with complete fondness, it was an experience that would bind them together forever. Not one, but two miracle children had come out of that time...children that had forever changed their lives.

The End