Eve walked up to the door of the Crane Industries records room. It was always under lock and key, she knew. The whole town wondered what was stored inside that room. That was why Eve was genuinely surprised when the door opened easily. She entered the dimly lit room and glanced around. She was a bit scared to be inside of it. She walked slowly over to one of the filing cabinets. As she headed toward it, she was startled to see the figure of a man to her left.

“Julian?” she asked hopefully.

“No, it’s one better!” the man declared in a frighteningly familiar voice.

“Oh my God, Alistair!” Eve cried, turning to run.

“My dear, don’t get all in a hurry to leave. I think this is the perfect place for us to have a little talk, and perhaps a bit more, don’t you?” he said in a sickeningly sweet voice, motioning toward the long table in the center of the room.

“You sick bastard!” Eve cried, swinging her foot with all her might and kicking the disgusting monster where it hurt. Alistair moaned and crumpled over in pain.

“I’ll get you for this, you, you…”

“I don’t think you’ll be getting anyone for quite a long time. And if you ever try anything with me again, I’ll make sure you never get to enjoy the pleasure of a woman anymore – you evil jerk!” She gave him one last kick in the chest as she made her way out of the room.


Crane Mansion