Scene Two

Eve stood overlooking Los Angeles from the Crane apartment balcony. She enjoyed the bright lights and the hum of the traffic. A cool breeze ruffled her hair and caused her to shiver, so she wrapped her robe more closely around her.

After unsuccessfully hunting for a hotel near where the apartment was, TC finally gave in to Julian’s offer to stay close to Whitney by staying in the apartment itself.

TC was sleeping soundly, while Eve, who was still haunted by the night’s events, found it impossible to fall asleep. Frustrated, she finally put her robe on and headed out onto the balcony, thinking it might help.

She shivered again as she thought of how close she had come to dying, had it not been for Julian...“Julian.” She whispered his name. “What would I ever do without you?”

“You won’t have to find out,” he whispered in her ear.

Eve whirled around in surprise.

He caught her in his arms as she stumbled against him, not aware that he was so close.

She placed her hands on his chest to steady herself. “What are you doing here? I thought that everyone was asleep already.”

“Not everyone.” He smiled. “The thought of sleeping under the same roof as you, my love, is enough to give me insomnia for a year.” He grinned at her.

She smiled. He didn’t attempt to hide his feelings from her anymore, and she really didn’t mind. She loved this honest side of him. “I couldn’t sleep either. I am still having trouble getting over the fact that I was sucked out of your jet tonight.” She looked into his eyes. “I can’t thank you enough for saving my life, Julian.”

“I meant what I said, Eve. I would have died out there with you; I could never have left you. I love you too much.” He caressed her cheek with his fingers, and with his other arm, pulled her closer to him.

She stared at him, unable to break his gaze. She saw the longing and desire that she created in him, and she couldn’t help but feel excited. This was Julian, the man she loved so long ago, and now, somehow he had managed to capture her heart again. The thought suddenly frightened her.

Julian noticed. “What is it, my love?”

Eve looked away. “Nothing, just the chills from this whole trip.”

He turned her to face him. “Everything is going to be all right, Eve. You are safe now, and so are our children.”

“What about our child, Julian? I wonder if he is safe and healthy.” She rested her head against his chest. “I wish we knew.”

“So do I, love. I would give anything to meet him, be close to him, to see what our love created,” he said into her hair as he rested his cheek against it.

“Yes, so would I, Julian.” She pulled back and looked up at him. “I want you to know that he was created in love; I loved you very much.”

Julian smiled. “I loved you too. I still do, more than ever.” He placed his palm against her cheek and caressed her chin with his thumb.

He moved his thumb to her lips and brushed them gently, his heart pounding with excitement at the thought of kissing her yet again.

Eve caught her breath, her body betraying her vows to TC as she leaned closer, longing to be loved by him.

His breathing almost stopped as she responded to his touch. Prolonging the magic of the moment, he continued to caress her lips, his thumb applying a little more pressure…and then he slipped it into her mouth.

He groaned as her tongue brushed against it, and placed his lips on hers. Then, he removed his thumb from her mouth as his tongue dove in to replace it.

Eve’s head swam as he assaulted her lips, kissing her with growing need and desire. His kisses were becoming more and more passionate, bolder and full of raw need. She responded to him fully, and was grateful for his strong arms around her, for she surely would have fallen.

Locked in a passionate embrace, the two were unaware that Rebecca was watching them from the doorway, her face twisted in anger. “How dare she try to steal my man,” she seethed. “You may have his heart, Dr. Eve, but I will have his name and his money. I will make certain of that,” she promised as she turned and walked back to her room.

Coming up for air, Julian held Eve in his arms as they stood quietly overlooking the city. They seemed to be in a world of their own, neither remembering that they had a significant other to worry about.

The End