Eve entered the Lobster Shack through the front door. She knew that this was secretly Julian’s favorite restaurant, so he just might be inside getting a bite to eat. She spotted Grace and David having dinner at a table and walked on over.

“Hey, guys! How are you doing? Listen, has either of you seen Julian?”

“Julian Crane? Why are you looking for him, Eve?” asked Grace.

“Oh, I just need to discuss some hospital business with him,” she covered. “So neither of you has seen him?”

“I saw him earlier when Grace was in the restroom,” David piped up. “He’s not in here now, as you can see. Maybe he ordered take-out and left.”

“Or he could be on the patio getting some air,” Grace added. “Or maybe he’s in the tank room, checking out the lobsters.”

“Thanks,” Eve said.

Where should she go next?


Tank Room

The Pier