Eve walked up to the edge of the pond and looked out at the frozen water. She remembered ice-skating on it earlier this winter with TC. How she would have loved to have skated with Julian! She was deep in thought when she heard a noise behind her. “Julian?” she called, startled.

“You looking for Julian Crane?” a short, solidly built woman with a German accent asked.

“Why, yes, have you seen him?” Eve smiled.

“Not in quite awhile, but when you see him, I want you to give him this present from me.”

“Well, OK,” Eve said, not sure exactly what kind of present the woman was talking about. Who was she?

“Just tell him this is from Kathy,” she said, and sticking her tongue out, the woman proceeded to give Eve the raspberry. “He hasn’t called me in ages, and that’s not the way to treat a woman,” Kathy said, stomping off and leaving a very startled Eve behind.

Harmony Hospital

The Statue