Tracey Ross speaks out about Ben Masters

Quotes through the years


"It's so difficult to tell when Ben is serious or just having you on. He's such a great actor that I never know when he's acting. I don't need to mention sexy, handsome et al because that's obvious. But he's kind, generous and all the cast adore him. He's so modest that you can't give him a compliment. He always swats it away when you try but is always complimenting others (sincerely). He likes to complain about having no life but whenever I see him at events he always seems to be enjoying himself and is always ACCOMPANIED! I think he knows he's smarter than all the rest of us put together but like a dear egalitarian soul he doesn't hold it against us." ~ Tracey Ross (date and source of publication unknown).

“Most of the funny stuff that happens, happens because of what Ben says, so we hold our breaths to listen for what the next remark or witticism that will come out of Ben. I remember the first day that I met Ben, he looked at Josh and he just kind of stared at Josh while Josh was talking. Then he looked up and said, ‘I'm going to have some really weird dreams tonight.’ He said it with a straight face, and I've never forgotten it!” ~ April 11, 2000 NBCi chat with Ben Masters and Tracey Ross.

“I couldn't pick one. I could narrow it down to 6 or 7. I think it is the people that you get to work with the most, so in my case it is Dana, Rodney, Kim, Ben, who I adore.” ~ When asked who her best friend on the show was, April 11, 2000 NBCi chat.

“I’m very lucky because I get to have scenes with practically everyone. I’m always interacting with so many of the good and not-so-good people of Harmony. But I would choose Ben always because Ben makes everyone he acts with better…just from being in the scene with him.” ~ On who she wanted to work with more, NBC Mailbag, circa 2000.

“There aren’t enough superlatives to express it. As soon as you think of a word mighty enough to express Ben, you feel like it’s still too trite. You need to invent a new word for him. He defies any vocabulary. He’s tremendous in every way—as an actor, a person, a teacher, and a thinker. Ben should be a national treasure as far as I’m concerned. And when you’re in a scene with Ben, you know you’re being privileged way above your station. And besides all that, he’s a consummate professional.” ~ When asked what it’s like working with Ben Masters, NBC Mailbag.

“I would equate my dream storyline with Julian because I want to act with Ben. As much as Eve loves TC, I want a “do-over” for Eve and Julian. I want them to go back and get together. Eve is in a position to lead Julian out of the wilderness. He’s such a wretched, horrible thing but he’s not completely lost. There are still signs that there’s something redeemable in him way deep down. I like the idea of Eve helping to redeem him. I think Eve would be helping Julian to have a second chance at being a real person." ~ NBC Mailbag.

“Ben is everyone's favorite to work with. He's so amazing and so modest, you can't tell him what a great job he's done. He's the best at swatting away a compliment.” ~ October 2002 TVGuideOnline interview.

“Isn't Ben wonderful when he's completely sincere, and he's not any of that crazy Julian? I watch and I think when you see him at that moment, you forgive him for everything he's ever done. He's so amazing, I can't find the right adjective to describe him. All of them are overused. We have to come up with a new adjective to describe what a great person and actor Ben is.” ~ October 2002 TVGuideOnline interview.

“It's easy for me; I don't have to act like I love and adore him. I get to let my crush come out every time we're doing a scene. I always tell him, in the next life, he's mine. There was a screw up in this life, which someone has some explaining to do, but I am first in the next life, and everyone can just get behind me.” ~ When told the above comment was quite the compliment, October 2002 TVGuideOnline interview.

"Seeing Ben let down his guard as Julian, that's worth the price of admission all to itself," smiles Ross. "I love the ground Ben walks on. I ask him all the time to marry me. I tell him, 'I got a packed suitcase in the trunk of the car whenever you're ready to go to Vegas!' But he keeps politely putting me off, because he's such a gentleman. So I told him that I'm first in line in our next life, and nobody's getting in front of me. I don't know what went wrong in this life, but somebody's got some 'splanin' to do!" ~ 2002 Soap Opera Weekly.

“Judy [Pioli, Passions’ acting coach] says that she gets the most people trying to get time to work with her when they have scenes coming up with Ben [Masters, Julian]. She says she gets frantic phone calls when, no matter how slight the scene, they have to speak to Julian… But he’s the most generous of actors; he gives you everything you need and plays the scene to your strengths, not his. It’s funny that the one you’re most intimidated by is the most generous actor.” ~ June 3, 2003 Soap Opera Digest.

"I wanted to work on it even more," chimes in a smitten Ross. "I thought we should have tried a dozen more on tape before we got it." ~ Referring to Julian and Eve’s kiss at the Lobster Shack, June 2003 TVGuideOnline interview with Ben Masters and Tracey Ross.

"Ben could have chemistry with a piece of furniture. [I’m] just grateful I'm riding his coattails to supercoupledom." ~ June 2003 TVGuideOnline interview.

“Ben keeps trying to take the high road when the low road would be so much easier… That’s what makes him special because people who would take the low road are to a penny. He wants to be worthy of his own good opinion.” ~ When asked Ben’s best qualities, August 2003 Laughing Matters interview with Ben Masters and Tracey Ross, Soap Opera Digest.

“You want to really make it matter, and then it’s Ben. Sometimes I see all this stuff that he was giving me [in scenes] that I missed, even though I was only six inches from him. So, I’m just trying to catch even more of things that he’s putting out so that I can contribute something to the scene. People like 'Evian' and they’re talking about [us being a] supercouple, so I can’t just fluff it off.” ~ Laughing Matters interview.

“I try, but he keeps ducking me and drives off really fast.” ~ When asked if she and Ben hang out after work, Laughing Matters interview.

“I am not. I adore him. Unfortunately, he knows it.” ~ When Ben said she was being facetious with the above comment, Laughing Matters interview.

“If he looks and acts like Ben, yeah. Julian is like Ben’s bad brother. If I couldn’t have Ben, I probably would go for Ben’s bad brother.” ~ When asked if she would ever date someone like Julian or Ben, Laughing Matters interview.

“It was exciting and I took full advantage of it!” ~ On their Lobster Shack kissing scene, Laughing Matters interview.

“Ben gives so much as an actor, if you catch one tenth of what he is throwing, you’re in good shape, and I catch more when it’s moving at a slow, more romantic pace. He’s every bit as entertaining when he’s sexy Julian with a heart, but I do love seeing him as bad Julian.” ~ May 2004 On the Fly interview, Soap Opera Weekly.

“Did he say that? Nothing could be further from the truth. You can’t be that handsome and that sexy and say your leading days are behind you! He was born to wear a tuxedo.” ~ When told that Ben said his leading man days were behind him, May 2004 On the Fly interview.

“He is not accidentally giving wonderful performances. He puts in the time and effort to create something wonderful. He is the most generous human and consequently the most generous actor. Working with him all the time pulls up my game. He reminds me that there are people out there watching the show and we owe them. He’s charming, sincere, and hilarious. We are constantly laughing." ~ May 2004 On the Fly interview.

“Eva (Pilar) came over with her kids a few weekends ago. We went over to Dana’s (Grace) house and went on the boat, because we both live on a lake. Then we met Ben and had dinner. We try to spend time together whenever we can because we enjoy each other’s company so much.” ~ May 2004 On the Fly interview.

“We want to maintain some mystery.” ~ When asked if she and Ben were a couple, July 2004 There’s Something in the Evian’ interview, Soap Opera Weekly.

“He has magic with everybody. He could do a scene with a potted plant and have chemistry.” ~ On the secret to her onscreen chemistry with Ben, There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“We had a connection the first time we met.” ~ When asked if she expected to have this kind of connection with Ben, There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“Ben bought me these little bracelets....they're for sea sickness. They have a ball that presses into [my wrists] and I don't get sick anymore. Isn't that funny? I don't know if I'm smart enough to learn how to sail. He's always moving, hoisting and jibbing things. There are all sorts of depth finders. It seems so complicated.” ~ There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“I'm the queen of returns. He doesn't understand. He helped me bring a patio set back to Target and he was trying to think of a way to get around when they say ‘No way. Get out of here with that!’ As long as you have the receipt, they couldn't care less.” ~ There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“He's a beautiful, sexy man. On television, movies, anywhere, he's the sexiest.” ~ When asked the final word on her and Ben’s relationship, There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“Ben is a heavenly kisser.” ~ When asked about her co-star’s kissing ability, October 2004 Soap Opera Weekly Chat.

“Ben and I are getting married on Wednesday.” ~ Joking response to being asked if she and Ben were going to tie the knot, October 2004 Soap Opera Weekly Chat.

“He’s so entertaining and I don’t think he means to be. He’s got that true charisma which is so likable. It’s a talent: He has to get the most fun out of any situation. It’s almost like we’re waiting for him to make a remark – the crew, the cast, everybody – because we know he’ll say or do something that will lighten the mood.” ~ When asked what it’s like working with ‘TV’s sexiest man,’ Ben Masters, January 2005 Chatterbox with Tracey Ross, Soap Opera Weekly.

“We adore each other. We always have. We always will.” ~ In response to a question asking if here was something going on between her and Ben Masters, January 2005 Chatterbox.

“No, were not married...yet.” ~ July 2005 The Blue Note Chat with Tracey Ross and Ben Masters.

“Getting all the benefits of working with one of the most talented actors that ever breathed...” ~ On what she liked most about playing her character, The Blue Note Chat.

"The premiere was flawless and so much fun," enthused Tracey Ross (Eve), who arrived with Ben Masters (Julian). "We came together because one less car on the road in L.A. benefits everyone." ~ July 2005 Pasisons Disaster Premiere interview, Soap Opera Digest.

"We're friends. We're very close friends. I love him. About a year ago he said, ‘If you tell when you get together, you have to tell them when you break up.' We love each other." ~ Passions Disaster Premiere interview.

"I think they will have to come around full circle again. I can't help but appreciate the opportunity for Ben to play different things. Evil Julian gets to be more surprising than good Julian." ~ When asked if she thought there was a way out of this current nightmare for Evian, November 2006 Tracey Ross Connects interview, Evian Dreams.

"We have a good laugh. Ben's humor and appreciation of the absurd help him to be a great bad guy without having to be a "scoundrel" himself." ~ On whether Ben has become a scoundrel on and off the set (LOL), or if they have a good laugh after their recent tense scenes, Tracey Ross Connects interview.

"No. He's more realistic than me. I tend to believe everything the 'brochure' says. He knows the brochure (and the movie trailer) is an advertisement and not gospel!" ~ On whether she had a comeback for Ben's assertion that he would rather 'eat a coffee table' than go to a movie Tracey selects :p, Tracey Ross Connects interview.

"Yes, Ben sings to me. My favorite song of his is 'Sleepy Lagoon!' " ~ March 18, 2007 The Blue Note chat with Tracey Ross and Ben Masters.

"Ben is the most considerate and gentlemanly boyfriend. I never have to lift a finger to do anything. He wants to do it all. " ~ 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"They never direct Ben to do anything." ~ On whether Ben was directed to put his hand near Tracey's neck in the office aftermath scene, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"I don't play golf and Ben refuses to teach me. I'm not sure why." ~ 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"How do you know I'm not good with a club?" ~ Tracey to Ben, when he said even if she wasn't good with a [golf] club, she had many other abilities, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"Soon. I've got him on the ropes..." ~ On when she and Ben are getting married, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"Yes, even when he's good - he's bad." ~ When asked if Ben was always this bad [after he said her 'assets' are plentiful], 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"There's so many and so often. He's just a romantic person." ~ When asked the most romantic thing Ben has ever done for her, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"Did you know I had a crush on Ben since the show began?" ~ 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"We went to Chicago together for a parade and it was the most time I'd ever gotten alone with him - to work my magic!" ~ On her most memorable off-screen moment with Ben, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

"We never really worked on our chemistry. It just fits. Ben would have chemistry with a potted plant. He would make the potted plant come off as charming, sexy and fascinating. That's what he brings out. You can only take credit for some with Ben. He has chemistry with everything. He helps me be better." ~ May 29, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat with Tracey Ross and Ben Masters.

"One of these days, we plan to go to Eve's in Venice." (Actually Eze in France; the interviewer mistyped it, we later learned). ~ When asked what her and Ben's summer plans were, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

"I have given him permission to work with Angelina Jolie. He couldn't resist her." ~ 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

"I don't think it's too much. I think it's fun and wonderful. We don't have to see each other just in the mornings or evenings. I think it's great I get to see him at work. The more time I get to spend with him, the better. The happier I am." ~ On whether working together is too much togetherness for her and Ben, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

"I watch the show. If there are things that I am not that interested in, I will FF through those scenes. I always watch Ben's scenes. And almost watch all of my scenes. I NEVER miss scenes of Esme. I love her! I think she's a hoot! She will be on DirectTV. I am her biggest fan." ~ 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

"Everything Ben and I do is memorable to me." ~ 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

"My focusing problem? Do you mean my ADD? (Laugh). It's like Ben says: 'The only thing worse than not working is working!' (And vice versa!)" ~ When asked if her focusing problem made it difficult to learn all of her lines when she worked 20 days in a row during the summer of 2007, August 2007 Tracey Ross Opens Up interview, Evian Dreams.

"I thought I'd have to just be first in line in the next life. I'd given him every hint and nothing seemed to make him go that extra step and ask me out. I was going to try throwing myself in front of his car when he left the parking deck but instead I just said, 'You want to take me to dinner?' And he said yes!" ~ On whether she always thought she and Ben would end up together, Tracey Ross Opens Up interview.

"He looks like the Statue of David to me!" ~ On Ben hinting in Soap Opera Digest that he doesn't look good without a shirt, Tracey Ross Opens Up interview.

"Yes, we've gone swimming. His yard is really private and I love to swim 'Au Naturel.' " ~ Tracey Ross Opens Up interview.

"I like to call him 'Pookie' to make him laugh and I say it just like Rebecca." ~ Tracey Ross Opens Up interview.

"I think Eve and Julian should get married at the church with everyone from Harmony past and present there. Plus, extras who look surprisingly like our real family and friends. We should use a real minister and do it once for Eve and Julian and then again for Ben and Tracey." ~ On what her dream wedding with Ben would be, Tracey Ross Opens Up interview.

"I was teasing Ben [Masters, Julian] because he keeps being proud, and I keep going, 'Honey, who was last year's? I bet they won't even know.' I just figured they've gone through everybody and it was probably back to me again. I was nonetheless very gratified and complimented. I'm just very cynical." ~ On being named one of Soaps' Most Beautiful Women, October 2007 Soap Opera Digest.

"Ben [Masters, Julian] says, 'Don't plan any Christmas parties!' The year after Kathleen Noone [ex-Edna] and Kelli [McCarty, ex-Beth] planned a Christmas party, [they were] gone! The surest way to get off this show is to plan a Christmas party [laughs]." ~ October 2007 Tracey's Gold interview, Soap Opera Digest.

"Ben [Masters, Julian, her real-life love] and I would count off who we thought were sure things. 'Definitely [Lindsay Hartley's] Theresa and Galen [Gering, Luis].' I would say, 'Definitely you,' and he would go, 'No, definitely Dr. Russell.' He didn't think they were going to call him back and I didn't think they were going to call me back, but he thought they'd call me and I thought they'd call him!" ~ On Passions' move to DirecTV, Tracey's Gold interview.

"'When we're there,' summarizes the actress good-naturedly of sharing both her domestic and professional domain with Masters, 'we can't wait to leave and get home. And when we're not there, we think what a nice place it is to be!'" ~ On continuing to work together on Passions, Tracey's Gold interview.

"He always says [we can get married] whenever I want to, whenever I'm ready. And I said, 'When the kids get out of the house.' When we first got together, I had one kid [son Bryce] that we were waiting to get out of the house, and I turned around and took in two [of his friends, twin brothers whose parents had recently split]. Now that everybody is out, I don't feel any pressure. I'd like to get married. I would just like to be his wife and I'd like him to be my husband. If you could do that without getting married, I'd probably be just as happy. Sometimes I think we would just run off to Vegas, but then I think it would be nice to have a wedding and have everybody there. Do you think we can get PASSIONS to pay for it [laughs]?" ~ On whether she and Ben are planning to tie the knot, Tracey's Gold interview.

"Every joke he tells, everyone gets - no matter how weird. I love that about him." ~ Tracey's Gold interview.

"When Ben and I had awful scenes we didn't want to put any energy into, Ben would remind me that there were a dozen Evian fans out there that we didn't want to let down. Nothing else he could have said would have brought back my energy and willingness to do a good scene." ~ August 21, 2008 Evian Dreams chat with Tracey Ross.

"Ben would tell me not to worry about those scenes, and I would say, 'Do I look like Jennifer Aniston to you?' " ~ On how she handled all the ladies on Passions "slobbering all over Ben" during the show's final years, September 24, 2008 Evian Dreams chat with Tracey Ross.