Julian picked up his phone and gave Whitney a call. 'Eve's daughter,' he thought. 'She might just know where Eve is.'

The phone rang three times before she finally answered. All out of breath, as if she had been running, she said, "Hello!"

"Whitney, it's Julian Crane!" he said.

"Hi, Mr. Crane! To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Listen, I'm looking for your mother. Have you seen her?" he asked.

"I saw her earlier this morning," she replied.

"Did she say what she was doing today?" Julian asked hopefully.

"Actually...now that you mentioned it, yes...she did."

"Well..." he prompted anxiously.

"She said she was going over to the hospital to see some patients."

Julian thanked her and hung up. Then he remembered that he still hadn't had lunch. He wondered if Eve might have gone to the Book Cafe for coffee...or maybe she was at the hospital still....


Book Cafe