Julian sat in the dim bar and ordered a drink. The bartender brought him his brandy and set it down before him.

"You look bummed, Mr. Crane. What's up?" he asked.

"Nothing. I am just looking for someone." Julian sipped his drink.

"Maybe I can help."

"I don't think so," Julian said, not wanting anyone to spread gossip.

"Well, good luck with that." He left Julian alone.

Julian drained his drink and then noticed Fox sitting in a booth. He approached him and sat down across from him. "What are you doing here?" Julian asked.

"Waiting for a friend. Not that it is any of your business." Fox sipped his drink.

"It had better not be Whitney Russell," Julian warned.

"Not that I'd tell you, but no, it's not," Fox snapped.

"Good. See that you stay away from her." He got up to leave.

"Well, just as soon as you stay away from Dr. Eve," Fox replied.

Julian stared at him for a moment. "Have you seen her today?" he chanced asking him.

"Why? So you can badger me about her too?"

"No, I need to speak to her," Julian said, clearly getting irritated.

"Well, if it gets you off my back, I did see her."

"Where?" Julian asked eagerly.

"She was taking a walk on the pier."

"Thanks," Julian said and walked back to his drink, not sure if he should trust Fox or not.

Julian returns to the bar to finish his drink

The Pier

Julian's car