Julian cleared his throat and asked the maid if Eve was around.  The lady did not speak English and didn't understand what he was saying.  Frustrated, Julian tried to sign to the lady, and motioned into the room.  It suddenly dawned on the woman what Julian was trying to find out, and she grinned.

Julian smiled happily as he realized the woman finally understood.  "Well...?"  He motioned again.

The maid turned and walked back into the room, closing the door in Julian's face.  "What the hell..." he cursed.  "I only want to know if Eve is home!" he hollered through the door.

The lady opened the door again and shook her head 'no!'  She then slammed the door shut again.

Julian stood there, not believing what had just happened.  He pounded the wall with his fist and then flinched.  He pondered where to look next.

Julian decides to phone Whitney.

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