Eve opened the bathroom door and could hear water running in the shower. Nervousness turned to the idea of pleasure as she cautiously made her way over to the shower stall. The happy look on her face turned to dismay when she heard the sound of two voices in the shower – a man’s and a woman’s! ‘Oh no,’ Eve thought. ‘He is in there with Rebecca!’

At that very moment, the shower door swung open from the weight that was against the inside of it. The two occupants didn’t seem to notice as they continued with the task at hand, while giggling up a storm. Eve, tears in her eyes, was almost to the bathroom door when she looked one last time over her shoulder and saw that yes, indeed, it was Rebecca in the shower, but the man with her was not Julian…it was none other than Antonio! Eve smiled in relief and made her way out of the bathroom without being seen.

Help her decide where to check for Julian next.

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