Eve walked toward her and Julian’s favorite bench in the park. The night air was cool and crisp. She pulled her coat up tight against her chest. Finding the bench empty, she sat down for a second. A young woman with dark hair approached the bench. “Excuse me, are you waiting for a guy…a man with gray hair, kind of tall, and very distinguished looking?”

“Yes,” said Eve. “How did you know?”

She smiled. “I saw him sitting over here on this bench earlier, and he asked me if I had seen a woman who matches your description around here.”

“So Julian is looking for me too?” Eve asked, smiling.

“Julian Crane, I thought I recognized him,” she said. “I work in his hotel. In fact, one time I found him locked in the…well, it’s not important.” She grinned. “If you find him, tell him Nora says hi.” She left.

Eve got up and scanned the park with her eyes, trying to decide where to go next.

The Statue

The Pond