Julian stood outside room 503 at the Crane Hotel.

This was Eve's temporary home while she and TC tried to work out their stressful family situation. They had decided that being apart for a while might do them both a lot of good. TC was not thrilled that she chose to stay at the Crane Hotel but she convinced him that because Julian Crane was on the hospital board, the room was provided by Crane Industries to be used, free of charge, for any doctor that needed it. Therefore, they wouldn't need to spend any money. TC finally agreed.

Julian could hear someone moving around inside. His heart began to pound as he slowly lifted his hand to knock on the door.

He knocked rapidly three times and adjusted his tie nervously. He stepped back a foot and clasped his hands in front of him, as he waited for Eve to open the door.

The door opened, and he stepped up, expecting Eve to be at the door. Housekeeping! "Damn!" Julian muttered.

Julian asks if Eve is home

Julian goes down to the bar for a brandy