Julian Crane

Written by Courtaney

Julian Crane is the son of ruthless billionaire Alistair Crane and his wife Katherine. Julian grew up in a life of luxury in Harmony, where the evil influence of his father and the spoils of the rich had their effect on him. He went to all the elite schools growing up, and eventually graduated from Harvard Law School.

While a student at Harvard, according to Hidden Passions, Julian was a member of the “Sack Pack,” where he and his friends competed to see how many women they could get into bed. Their proof was in the photos they took. Julian enjoyed the fast lifestyle he lived, but soon yearned for bigger and better conquests. It was this that led the 24-year-old to the Blue Note in the winter of 1976, when he was looking for someone a bit different than his usual ladies.

It was there that Julian first caught a glimpse of the lovely Eve Johnson and fell head over heels for her when he heard her sing. His advances finally worked, when Eve shared champagne and a dance with him. It wasn’t long before she agreed to go on a date with him. He flew her to Studio 54 in New York, where he was able to draw her into his wild lifestyle of drugs and sex. They flew on to Bermuda for more of what was to be the most passionate romance of their lives.

Eventually, Alistair got wind of what Julian was up to, and made him turn his attentions to the governor’s daughter, Ivy Winthrop, whom he believed was a much more suitable mate. Julian still held out hope that he could keep Eve in his life as a mistress, and strung her along that summer as he was dating Ivy. It was during a chance meeting between the estranged lovers, while Eve was singing at the Harmony Country Club, that Julian realized he was in love with her. Unfortunately, he had Ivy there with him. He took her home and later returned to a drunken, distraught Eve. He was able to break through the barriers she put up, and escorted her back to Boston for what would be their last night together. And unbeknownst to him, Eve was already carrying his child.

In Hidden Passions, Julian returns to the Blue Note several months later and spots a very pregnant Eve on the stage and rushes out, scared to death. According to the show, Julian might not have known of her pregnancy. Either way, he did abandon her when he agreed to marry Ivy as part of a business deal set up by his father.

Julian went on to have a miserable marriage with Ivy, one filled with his cheating and her yearning for her ex-love, Sam Bennett. She gave birth to Sam’s son, Ethan, nine months after they were married, and passed him off as Julian’s. She had given up the love of her life due to pressure from her father and her desire to give her child a wonderful life. Julian and Ivy went on to have three other children, a son, Nicholas “Fox,” and two daughters. Ethan was the apple of both his parents’ eyes, however, and the other children were largely ignored.

Julian began running Crane Industries under the direction of his father. He and his dad share many secrets relating to the business, as well as what really happened to Martin Fitzgerald. Perhaps the biggest secrets they have surround what Alistair ordered Julian to do – not once, but twice – kill his sister, Sheridan. Luckily, the attempts failed and Sheridan lived.

In 1999, Julian ran into his former flame, Eve, at a charity function. Sparks flew from the start. In the coming years, Julian made every attempt to hit on the lovely doctor, who always spurned his advances. She was able to break through his outer façade on many occasions, however, and it was through her presence that viewers were able for the first time to see the real man that was underneath the boozing, ruthless and cowardly womanizer.

In 2000, Julian managed to help Eve in her efforts to locate the bird statue that contained damaging photos of their trysts together. Julian gave up his young maidens, including his actual maid, Suzanne, for Rebecca Hotchkiss later that year. His former best friend’s wife began looking for a bigger and better fish to land – and found him in Julian. The two spared no creativity in their wild and crazy sex games.

The billionaire’s world was rocked in early 2001 when it was revealed that Ethan wasn’t really his son. Heartbroken and incensed, he cut both Ivy and Ethan out of his life in one fell swoop. He immediately began divorce proceedings against Ivy.

Later that year, Julian stunned Eve when he revealed that their child was conceived in love.

That summer, Julian and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald got drunk while in Bermuda and supposedly were married there, much to Theresa’s horror. They woke up in bed together and Theresa later realized she was not only married, but pregnant. She gave birth to Ethan Martin Crane nine months later.

It was during the New Years Eve party that Theresa’s shocking pregnancy was revealed. The whole town was gunning for Julian then, including all of his current and former women: Eve, Ivy, Rebecca and Theresa. Someone fired at Jules while he was at the cannery, and he fell into a vat of tuna. It was the end of the old Julian Crane, and the beginning of the new one.

While the whole town thought he was dead, Julian hid out at a diner, masquerading as a cook, Peggy. It was there he ran into Timmy, Tabitha’s little doll friend who had talked with Julian some in the past, usually when Mr. Crane was not quite sober. Julian went on an adventure with Timmy, to find the Demon Horn needed to save Charity, and along the way he found his backbone and some heart.

It was a new Julian who made it back to Harmony, a Julian who in the coming months would have fits over his three “wives,” grieve over Timmy’s death, and find solace (in a drunken haze), in the arms of Tabitha. The two conceived a child that night, little Endora, whom Julian has no idea is a witch.

In the fall of 2002, Julian apologized to Eve for all of his sins against her. The two shared a heartwarming vision of what their life would have been like if Julian had only stayed with her. A month later, Julian saved Eve’s daughter Whitney’s life in an elevator accident, and later kissed his true love while she was tending his injuries.

In the spring of 2003, Julian confessed his love to Eve, stunning her once more. The two became closer through the coming months as he lent her an ear and a shoulder to cry on from all of her troubles. In May, the two shared their first true, mutually desired kiss in the present, and that marked the beginning of their new romance.

Several more kisses followed, as did many events that showed Julian’s heroic side. Time and time again, he came to Eve’s rescue. Julian was willing to give up a fortune (he tried to give Eve’s sister Liz a blank check to leave her alone), his freedom (when he took the blame for the fire that Eve had started at the Blue Note), and even risked his life to save Eve from the wing of the Crane jet. But what really showed his love for Eve was when he agreed to marriage with a blackmailing Rebecca to protect Eve’s past. All he wants, Julian constantly reassures Eve, is her happiness. In his eyes and his kisses, however, you can tell he would love to have more.

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