Their Story 2003 In Review

What a Year for Evian!

by Courtaney

2003 was a remarkable year in the lives of Eve Russell and Julian Crane, otherwise known as Evian to their fans. Just one year before, at the start of 2002, Eve had contemplated killing Julian, after he had threatened to expose their past to her husband, T.C.

Now, two years later, the pair can barely keep their hands off of each other whenever they are alone, and sometimes even when they are not so alone. What happened to change everything between them? It all goes back to when Julian was “killed” as everyone ushered in the New Year of 2002. While the rest of Harmony believed he was dead, Julian spent his time on the run, eventually hiding out in a diner, where he was disguised as a cook named Peggy. When Julian was discovered there by Timmy, Tabitha’s former living doll who had become a boy, he was at first mortified. The two soon headed out on an adventure together, however, following the road to Oz. It was during this time that Timmy helped Julian find courage in himself. He began to see things in a new light.

After returning to Harmony and dealing with all the lady troubles in his life, Julian suffered through the sudden loss of his small traveling companion. Timmy’s death brought out deep feelings in Julian, and forced him to do some soul-searching. That led to the realization that his one true love was Eve Russell, and that what he should have done all those years ago was stand up to his father and marry her.

Julian apologized to Eve during a party at the Crane Mansion that September. The two shared a vision of what might have been, during a strange green fog, which made Julian realize more than ever how much he loved her and regretted ever giving her up.

After he was injured by a maniacal T.C. in October, Julian and Eve shared their first kiss in the present, one initiated by Julian. There was still a wide gap between the former lovers, however, a gap that would all but disappear in the ensuing year.

The winter of 2003 found Eve’s vengeful sister Liz still trying to get her hooks into T.C. At the Book Café in February, she started to tell everyone the identity of her “wayward” sister. Julian, who happened to be there, stood close-by during that time in case Eve needed him. He refused to run from his obligations. Eve told Julian that she was starting to forgive him for what he had done to her in the past, because if she couldn’t forgive him, how could she expect T.C. to forgive her? Liz didn’t reveal the identity of her sister that day, but it was a key turning-point in Evian’s relationship.

An even bigger turning-point for them came in April, when a distraught Eve had a minor accident involving none other than Julian! Her former lover took her to a nearby diner, where she told him all about Liz’s harassment and how it threatened her marriage to T.C. The two also discussed Chad, and Julian remarked how much like a Crane he seemed. He began to wonder if he might be their son. Eve told him that at one time she had wondered that herself, but then revealed to him the results of Chad’s DNA test that she had run at the hospital in 2001, which found no matches. It was in the diner that Julian confessed his undying love for Eve and said that he wanted to be her friend. Eve cried in his arms over the loss of their son. Right then, T.C. and Liz entered the diner, and T.C. began pummeling Julian. Jules didn’t cower in the corner this time, but fought back the best he could. Finally he explained away the situation, saying he was being nice to Eve so she wouldn’t sue him over the accident.

Later that month, Eve and Julian again bonded when Whitney sang at the Blue Note. Eve was so upset over this that she turned to Julian for comfort, in the form of a hug, in the alley behind the club. That was only after he confessed to her that he had remade the club in the image of the Blue Note in Boston because it represented the best time in his life.

It was there in the alley that Eve admitted to Julian that she had loved him in the past. He was thrilled at her confession.

In May the two met up again in the park, where Eve was crying over the loss of her son. Julian vowed to turn up the efforts to find him if she so desired. Eve agreed that no matter what the risk to her marriage, she wanted to find her child. Soon after, Julian received information pointing to the fact that their son may indeed be alive. Eve was overjoyed, but soon found herself in turmoil when Liz once again threatened to reveal her secret. After Liz discovered the blue baby booties Eve had out and began badgering her to tell T.C. about her son, Eve admitted to her husband that she had had another child he did not know about. She ran out of the house, distraught. Later on the pier, Eve nearly admitted everything, with Julian at her side, when T.C. suddenly announced he understood it all now – that Eve had miscarried his child when he was away from home coaching and hadn’t wanted to burden him with the news. Eve went along with his story.

Later that month, Julian sought out Eve to let her know that Fox was on to them. He found her at the Lobster Shack, shaken from a run-in with Ivy. Julian comforted Eve outside the restaurant, and noted that they had “come a long way…almost full circle.” He asked that she allow him to help her, that she let him "get it right this time." The two slowly were drawn into a passionate kiss, witnessed by both Fox and Ivy.

A month later, Julian offered Liz a blank check to leave Eve alone and return to St. Lisa’s. She turned him down. Soon after, Julian and Eve again found themselves in a steamy liplock, this time at the hospital. They had been discussing their past relationship.

Eve said that they did have a great romance, and Julian revealed it was the greatest romance of his life. The couple fell into another public kiss, this time witnessed by Liz, who happened to have a camera handy to snap their picture.

After Liz vowed to show T.C. the incriminating photo she had taken at the hospital, and threatened to turn Whitney into a drug-using night club singer, Eve set out to take matters into her own hands, and in early July, set fire to the Blue Note. Unbeknownst to her, Whitney, Fox, and their friends were inside. Julian showed up and helped cover her tracks, while T.C. and Sam rescued the kids when everyone realized they were inside. Afterward, Julian risked jail time to protect Eve by confessing to leaving gasoline cans around his former club that he said must have ignited the fire. He escaped going to jail by agreeing to pay to have the Blue Note rebuilt.

In September, Julian dreamed of one day becoming Eve’s husband as he consoled her after she had seen T.C. and Liz kissing. He was able to put his feelings for Eve aside as he urged her to talk to her husband, as he was sure that T.C. would forgive her if she told him everything. If not, Julian hinted, he had an idea where they could go from there. Eve didn’t let him finish that thought.

In Eve’s office in October, Julian comforted her once again. She was worried that T.C. would find out about everything the closer they got to locating their son. Julian said that T.C. would forgive her because he loves her so much.

Eve noted that Julian had lost a child too and that he had been so understanding lately. She said she wished she could return his affections, and commented that she didn’t know how she could ever thank him for what he was doing – trying to find their son.

He said the look on her face when he found him would be enough. The two shared a steamy kiss as Julian's tender hand kiss led to passion.

Later that month, Julian offered to fly the Russells out to LA on his jet when they learned Whitney had been shot. While onboard the plane, T.C. began thinking that Julian had a thing for Whitney and attacked him. The ensuing fight caused the door to fly open on the jet, and Eve was sucked out. She held onto the outside of the plane for dear life. T.C. tried to pull her back in but was unsuccessful. After refusing Julian’s help, he was knocked unconscious by debris. Eve was now even further from the door, trying desperately to hold onto the plane’s antennae. Julian used some seatbelts as a makeshift safety rope and climbed out onto the wing to save her. While he was out there, Eve urged him to go back inside and save himself. Julian said that life wasn’t worth living without her, and that if she died, he would go to his grave knowing she was the most beautiful angel in Heaven.

Luckily, Julian was able to rescue Eve, and once she was safely inside, he told her he couldn’t live without her in his life. She said, “Nor I, you.” They then had their most passionate kiss to date. As they parted for air, they could hear Rebecca coming, which put an end to any chance for a second kiss.

The following month, Rebecca caught Eve and Julian smooching outside of the LA hospital where Whitney was staying. She threatened to tell T.C. everything. Eve considered beating her to the punch by confessing all, when Julian silenced Rebecca by saying he was going to marry her. Becks was thrilled, but Eve couldn’t believe her ears. She had no intention of allowing Julian to make such a sacrifice for her.

On Thanksgiving, Eve tried to talk Julian out of marrying Rebecca once more. He told her that he could handle Rebecca, and that as long as Eve was happy, that was what was important to him. He said if somehow Rebecca revealed the truth anyway, he would stick by Eve through it all and they could build a life together, just like in the visions they had shared. Eve was suddenly reminded of her own family and said she couldn’t leave them. Julian said he understood, and would give her the gift of happiness and love by marrying Rebecca. Eve fell into his arms, crying, and admitted her love for him.

December brought with it more Evian talks, as Eve again tried to convince Julian not to marry Rebecca. He wouldn’t hear of it. Becks blackmailed Eve and T.C. into agreeing to attend the wedding. At Christmas Eve’s midnight mass service, Julian made a vow to Eve that he would find their son by the end of the coming year. On New Year’s Eve, he went through with his marriage to Rebecca, picturing Eve when he said his vows.

Eve couldn’t help but look in on him the day after the wedding, when she arrived at the estate to see Sheridan. Julian walked out onto the grounds and pulled Eve into a surprise kiss.

Later, she caressed his face, saying they couldn’t punish themselves by thinking what might have been, that things were just the way they were. Julian turned up the heat once more, dropping Eve’s coat from her shoulders and pulling her into yet another incredibly passionate kiss. This time, Whitney saw it all from an upstairs window.

As 2004 got underway, Eve told Julian they could no longer meet in private. He agreed. That vow, however, was quickly forgotten when Julian received some news on the search for their son. Privacy is now of the utmost importance to avoid Alistair discovering what is going on. Julian continues to have visions of what life might have been like with Eve, and has begun to doubt whether T.C. would in fact forgive her if he ever found out the truth. For her part, Eve has come to believe that T.C. will accept her son in time, and she is still somewhat in denial of her feelings for Julian. She is aware, however, of the danger that getting close to him brings. Every time the two of them are alone now, they wind up in each other’s arms. If 2004 brings about as much development in Evian’s relationship as did 2003, then we are in for a banner Evian year!

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