Their Story 2006 in Review

Evian's Heartbreakingly Horrible Year

by Courtaney

2006 was not the best of Evian years, and that is quite an understatement. We got some beautiful glimpses of Evian the first half of the year, but it was far too little of our sweet couple. By mid-year, TC’s stroke had sent Eve and Julian in a downward spiral that ended in a way no one had seen coming. Was it really the end of our Evian?

Julian and Eve began the year attending Alistair’s New Year’s Eve party. Someone at the party didn’t take too kindly to Al’s threats, and a couple of attempts were made on his life. Eve spent the bulk of the party tending to Alistair’s wounds, while Julian was one of many names on the suspect list.

Evian managed to share a stolen moment in the Crane kitchen during this time. Julian told Eve they were a shining example of one of Alistair's biggest failures...that try as he might to tear them apart, they had ended up together. Eve replied, "And we always will be."

In February, Alistair lay in a coma in the hospital, and Julian caught Liz in his room, wanting to pull the plug. Liz, who had accused Julian of raping her long ago, opened up to him and admitted that Julian had in fact passed out drunk that night, and Alistair had come to his apartment and raped her. She also admitted to trying to kill both Julian and Alistair. Julian tried to comfort Liz and talked her out of killing Alistair, saying he wasn’t worth going to jail over. Later, he contemplated pulling the plug on his father himself but decided against it, not out of cowardice as his ailing father believed, but because Julian had found happiness and love and wanted to spend his life with Eve, not rotting in a prison cell somewhere. Alistair just wasn’t worth it to him.

The next month, Eve set up a romantic surprise for Julian in their suite, complete with champagne, a dinner, and candles. The two discussed the problems in their children’s lives, and Julian tried to make Eve feel better. They shared a toast for peace and happiness for those they loved.

Then Evian engaged in some passionate kisses on the couch, before being interrupted by Chad , who wanted to talk about Whitney.

In April, it was Julian’s turn to surprise Eve. He had the solarium all decked out for a beautiful romantic celebration with his lady love.

Julian had arranged for a three-piece ensemble to serenade them as they danced, kissed, and ate a scrumptious dinner. For dessert, Julian gifted Eve with an exquisite diamond necklace. She was almost speechles as he put it around her neck, sealing his gift with a kiss on her shoulder.

Their romantic evening was once again interrupted by Chad, who was worried about Whitney. Evian went with him to check on Eve’s daughter at the convent, where they discovered she had been inflicting pain on herself.

It was a long time before we saw Evian again, but their scenes were worth waiting for. Julian met with Rebecca in the Crane kitchen. He asked her again for a divorce, and this time she agreed to it.

Julian rushed to Tabitha’s house, where Eve was checking on a patient. He told her the good news - that they could finally get married. The two celebrated with a huge kiss. Their celebration was short-lived, however, as Eve got a call from the hospital informing her that TC had been in a terrible accident.

When Evian arrived at the hospital, they found TC near death. He had been driving drunk. Eve felt guilty for what happened to him. Julian knew if he died, she would blame herself forever. Julian was there for Eve during this time, comforting her and offering to help her get some pictures of their daughters for TC. While at the Russell home looking for the pictures, Eve discovered a note TC had written the night of his accident, where he said he was sorry for all of the pain he had caused his family. He said he wanted Eve back. Eve was heartbroken, and Julian began to worry that he might lose her.

Through the rest of June and all of July, Eve tended to TC at the hospital, while Julian stopped in for support as often as he could. Eve wasn’t afraid to show Julian affection in front of TC, though it bothered her ex-spouse, who soon suffered a stroke.

When Julian and Eve did find some time alone to celebrate their engagement, it was beautiful. They shared a romantic dinner and dance.


During their celebration, Eve told Julian everything good in her life started with him and thanked him for helping her through these hard times with TC. Her thoughts were on her ailing ex, however, as even the song they danced to reminded her of TC.


One bit of good news Evian received during this time was from Chad and Whitney. They learned that Chad really wasn’t their son, that he was Alistair and Liz’s. This meant that Chad and Whitney could be together again and that they could raise Miles as a family. Evian were thrilled about that, but sad to realize they still didn’t know who or where their son was. Eve began to wonder if he was even alive.

Evian shared a dinner with Whitney and Chad at the Blue Note soon after. Julian felt a little left out as the talk turned to TC and other family matters. Evian shared a sweet dance, but the happiness was interrupted when Eve’s phone rang. It was TC calling from his hospital bed. She went running to his side.

Things went from bad to worse when TC was ready to leave the hospital at the end of July. Eve told Julian she was going home with TC, to tend to him there. Julian begged her to attend a charity ball with him that night, but she said she couldn’t leave TC on his first night at home, even though Simone offered to stay with her father and Julian said he’d hire a team of doctors to watch over him. Eve still wouldn’t budge. When they wheeled TC out of the hospital later, a nurse who was pushing his wheelchair told Julian she was sorry, but he was in the way. Julian began to wonder if he was “in the way” in Eve’s life as well.

In August, things continued to spiral downward for Evian. Julian started drinking again in force. But that was nothing compared to the way he changed personality wise, before our very eyes. He went to see Eve at TC’s and asked her to accompany him to Paris. She refused, saying she couldn’t leave TC in his condition. Julian threatened the return of Old Julian, out of the blue. Eve told TC that Julian was used to getting what he wants. Both of these statements were so unlike Evian that it had fans wondering if these were pod people who had somehow taken their place.

Eve ran into Julian next at a bar during the Harmony Carnival. She overheard him telling Fox to be as sneaky and manipulative as he needed in order to hold onto Kay.

Julian said he wanted what he wanted when he wanted it, like all the other Cranes before him. Eve couldn’t believe the filth that was coming out of Julian’s mouth. Jules told her TC was reeling her in like a fish. Later, he vowed to do whatever it took to hold onto Eve.

In September, Julian planned a surprise romantic evening for Eve on the hospital rooftop. He paged her up there, and she was thrilled to see the place decorated with beautiful colored lights. He told her things hadn’t been good for them lately and that it was all his fault.

Eve told him this was just what they needed as she noted that romance was in the very air. Julian told her he understood her wanting to spend all of her spare time with TC. But when their dinner was interrupted by not one, but two phone calls about TC, Julian had had enough and an argument ensued.

Julian made one last valiant attempt to keep the woman he loved. He purchased a yacht and had it set to sail in the Riviera. He arranged for Eve’s office at the hospital to be remodeled so she couldn’t work for a while and could go with him. Eve was furious at his underhandedness and gave him back his engagement ring. Julian canceled the Crane funding to the hospital in retaliation.

When Eve heard what Julian had done to the hospital funding, she confronted him in his office at Crane Industries, asking him not to punish the hospital because they broke up. Eve was angry, but she also understood that Julian was hurting. She told him if he regressed any further, he would need a wet nurse. The two began to connect, however, before Eve was called to Theresa’s office for a medical emergency. Julian begged Eve to stay, to put them first for once, but she told him she had to go.

After tending to the emergency, Eve talked to Gwen about Julian. Gwen said how much Julian adored her and asked her to give him a second chance. Eve realized she should and headed back to Julian’s office to do just that. When she entered the office, she saw him having sex with Valerie on his desk. Julian quickly put his pants back on and tried to explain, but Eve knew he did this to hurt her. She told him she had come there to take him back. Julian couldn’t believe it.

Julian wouldn’t let Eve leave the office until she heard him out. He begged her not to throw away their love. The passion stirred in both of them, and before they knew it, the two were kissing desperately. Eve said, "This is so wrong," as they fell to the floor and made love.

Evian shared a warm afterglow on the couch, and Julian told her they could still go to the Mediterranean. Eve said not until TC was better. A fight ensued, with Julian telling her she never put them first. He didn’t believe she loved him; he felt she only wanted to be with TC.

Julian went on to say some terrible things to Eve…he called her a horrible name, said she was at her best on her hands and knees, and offered to pay her for “services rendered.” Eve knew he was only trying to hurt her, but it cut to the bone.

Eve realized that Julian wanted all or nothing, and said she couldn’t give him that when she had responsibilities. He asked her if she agreed, then, that their relationship was over. You could tell she didn’t want to end things, nor did he, but she knew there was no point in arguing with him. Eve said if he needed her to agree to break things off, then she would. But she told him, before she left, that he was the light of her life. Julian, however, didn’t believe her and snapped at her yet again.

The next time we saw Evian was in October, in a flashback Julian had. It was of a beautiful romantic evening they had shared together at the mansion. Julian had a dreamy look in his eyes as he snapped out of the flashback. It was obvious how much he missed Eve.

When Julian opened the door to his suite just then, he found Eve sitting on the bed. They shared a look, and for a moment, Julian thought Eve had come back to him. She said she was sorry to bother him and explained she was just there to pick up a brooch she had forgotten. An angry Jules accused her of trying to pillage for things. He said he’d have her searched by security before she left. Eve threw the brooch on the floor and told him that it wasn’t even real, that he had won it at a carnival for her and had been so cute trying over and over again to win it. She said it meant so much to her. Julian felt bad. Eve told him she wished she had never even met him and stormed out of the room, crushing the brooch with her foot on the way out. Julian yelled for her, in a shaky voice, to take the backstairs out. He walked over to the brooch and picked the pieces up, staring at them in his hand.

When we saw Julian again, he was back to his old ways, dressing up and dancing as Tom Cruise to Rebecca’s Katie Holmes. Eve also found the past coming back to haunt her, as Ivy’s secret was exposed, leading people to realize Eve’s part in the scheme involving David. Julian overheard Eve and Ivy talking at the Blue Note and lashed out at Eve about how she had made everyone think she was so perfect, while in reality she was far from it. Eve, in tears, tried to touch his hand but he removed it and told Ivy that maybe they weren’t destined to end up with their first loves…that he knew he wasn’t. When he left, Ivy told Eve Julian had never pierced her heart like that when they were married. Eve told her she deserved every word.

Julian spent part of Thanksgiving in bed with Rebecca. They were dressed as Pilgrims. He was none too happy though, because he missed Eve. Julian left Rebecca in bed and made his way to Eve's house, where he watched through the window as she fed TC his Thanksgiving dinner.

Eve heard something outside and went out to investigate. She found Julian there, peering in the window. He told her she should be spending Thanksgiving with him. They argued, but when he left, Eve called after him. She obviously still loved him.

In December, Evian reached an all-time low. Eve was worried about Sheridan’s erratic behavior and told Julian about her. He downplayed her concerns. Later that night, at Kay’s outdoor bridal shower, Eve told Grace how she had betrayed her all those years ago, over the phone. Grace was furious with Eve.

After Eve talked to Grace, she was terribly upset. A drunken Julian meandered over to where she was sitting alone and told her he wanted her back. He kissed her forcefully, and when she tried to push him away, he got rough with her.

TC came along and struck Julian with his walker. Julian flattened TC with a punch, which made Eve furious. She slapped Julian and called him despicable. Julian thought he had lost Eve forever.

The next time they crossed paths was at the Seascape. Julian and Eve shared a look across the room, as he told Fox not to let the woman he loved get away or he would regret it forever. Julian went over to speak to Eve, who slapped him again for having hit TC. Julian apologized to Eve. The two connected when Julian saw her blackmail letter and told her he too was being blackmailed by someone. They wondered who it was.

Later that month, Julian’s daughter Fancy was in the hospital, and he was comforting Ivy. When Eve came out to talk about Fancy’s condition and noticed his arm around Ivy, Julian immediately dropped it. Unfortunately for Evian fans, it wasn’t the last time he would be with his ex-wife. Julian took her back to the mansion and the two got drunk and wound up in bed together. They heard noise when they awoke and went downstairs, wrapped in sheets, walking right into the middle of Chad and Whitney’s wedding reception. Eve saw them and said sadly, “Julian, you and Ivy?” He was too hung over to answer.

2006 started out with a lot of promise, but ended up being the worst year in Evian history. This beautiful couple was utterly destroyed. But all hope isn’t lost for Passions’ most exquisite duo. Things have finally picked up in 2007, which is welcome news for Evian fans everywhere after such a horrible year.

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