Their Story 2004 in Review

A New Beginning for Evian
by Courtaney

2004 came in with a bang for Evian, as New Year’s Day saw them enjoying their most passionate kiss to date. While Eve was on the Crane estate grounds checking on Sheridan, she met up with Julian. He showed her just what he was feeling as he kissed her not once, but twice…the second time after lowering her coat from her shoulders. Eve gave in to the passion of the moment, but soon declared she needed to go before they both did something they would regret. Unbeknownst to them, they already had – their kiss had been witnessed by Whitney!

Eve’s daughter again observed an intimate interaction between her mother and Julian a couple of weeks later, when Julian called Eve to the docks for some news. He revealed he had a lead on their son, and assured her he should be able to find him by the end of the year. Thrilled, Eve hugged Julian. Later, when Julian spoke of the danger Alistair posed to their son, in part because of his racist views, Eve wondered if Julian left her because she was black. Shocked, Julian swore to her that he would shout his love for her from the rooftops right then, if it weren’t for her family and what that would do to them.

Soon after, Julian asked Eve to come to the mansion for a secret meeting. He had a surprise for her – a baby picture of their son. Eve was overcome with emotion. She admitted she remembered every feature of their son’s face, and told Julian she saw a little of him in their child.

Their happy meeting was interrupted when Eve’s family arrived with Fox. Eve hid, but Whitney found her. Julian got Fox to escort Eve safely out to avoid being seen by TC. Whitney had some choice words and a few punches for Julian after everyone else had gone.

In February, Julian stood up for Eve’s honor and his sister’s by slugging Alistair. Julian’s father vowed that he would make his son and Eve wish they were never born.

On Valentine’s Day, Eve couldn’t take her eyes off the large bouquet of roses Julian sent her. When TC brought her a small bouquet of flowers, she smiled sweetly, but it was Julian’s gift she smelled lovingly before she went on her rounds.

Later that month, Julian pulled Eve into a hot kiss in the Crane library. She ran her hands over his chest after the kiss, explaining that what they were doing was risky – someone could have seen them. It was clearly evident by Eve’s body language that she was in love, and it wasn’t with her husband. Above all, however, she was worried about Whitney. Her daughter’s anger soon took its toll on Eve, who suffered an emotional breakdown in her car, and was comforted by Ethan and Julian. Things went from bad to worse for her soon after, when a drug addict threatened to kill Eve at the hospital. Luckily, Julian was once again there to save the day.

In early March, Julian comforted Eve outside of the Russell home. Eve was upset about Whitney singing at the Blue Note, and how Liz was trying to ruin her life. They talked about their son, and Julian again pledged to find him for her by the end of the year. Eve went on to say that there were things she didn't regret about the past - like their son. Julian asked her if there was something else she didn't regret, and she said, "You,," with a warm smile on her face. She told him that he and her son made what she went through almost worthwhile - that in some ways, Julian was the best thing that ever happened to her. Their impending kiss was interrupted by a call from Rebecca. After it was over, Eve said she was sorry about what Julian had to go through for her. He said, "Don't you understand? I'd go through anything for you." They shared a sweet kiss.

That night, Julian and Eve ran into each other at the Blue Note, where a benefit dance was being held for the hospital. Eve got upset after talking to Grace about how true love never ends. She later rushed out of the club after spotting Julian with Rebecca.

Julian went out to talk to her. He asked Eve if he could have this dance, that they may never get this chance again. Eve took his hand and they shared a beautiful, intimate dance in the alley. She told Julian she had never felt this close to him. He said she was his love...past, present, and future. Then they kissed.

Later, as they continued to dance, Eve told Julian how safe she felt in his arms, that being with him was the ultimate escape from reality. Julian begged Eve to come away to Paris with him, that very night. Caught up in the excitement, Eve agreed, but reality soon hit her and she admitted she could not abandon her family. Julian became unglued and released all of his pent-up frustrations, telling Eve that he wanted her in his life, and in his bed! He even tried pulling her into his limo, when TC came on the scene and pummeled him. They all feared Julian was dead after the beating, and TC refused to let Eve check on him. A crushed Eve was thrilled when Julian began to moan and move. Julian covered for Eve by pretending he was drunk. TC believed him but tried to attack him once more. Sam stopped him, and both TC and Julian agreed not to press charges. Julian was well enough to go back inside, but didn’t make it in before Rebecca gave him a punch for embarrassing her in public.

Back inside the Blue Note, Eve was worried about Julian and went over to talk to him at the bar. She thanked him for covering for her, and admitted she could always be herself with him; that no matter what she did, she knew he would always love her. She went on to tell him she couldn't leave TC. Julian replied that as much as it killed him to see them together, he wanted her to follow her heart. He told her that he would try to let her go, but he didn't know if he could, that that's as much as she was inside him. Julian said she was his one true thing. Eve said she felt the same way about him; that he was the one person who loved her exactly as she was, flaws and all, and she would always cherish that. Julian realized she loved him as much as he loved her and said that aloud. Eve replied, "God help me, I do."

After the dance, Eve went to Sheridan's cottage to check on her. While Sheridan was in another room, Julian swooped into the bedroom and told her he wanted to be the man in her life. Then he kissed her madly. He said he needed to be with her, and declared that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Eve agreed, but said it couldn't happen because they were married to other people. She begged him not to put her in the same position Sheridan was in. Julian told Eve she could make it easy on herself...she could choose him. She was deeply affected by his words.

In April, Eve and Julian were sent on a wild goose chase looking for their son by the evil Alistair. After they realized it was all a trick, a distraught Eve lost control of her car in the middle of a downpour. Julian took his injured love to a nearby barn for shelter. There, they huddled together to keep warm and listened to the sound of the rain. Julian admitted he couldn't be happier than he was at that moment, alone with her there, all wet and disheveled.

He said she had never been more beautiful, and he just wanted to take care of her. After Eve refused his first two kisses, the third time was the charm. She returned his sweet kiss, and then leaned in for more in what became a truly passionate moment.

Unfortunately, Whitney and Chad barged in to rescue Eve at just that moment. Eve’s daughter lashed out at her for kissing Julian. Julian hid when TC arrived, and later stayed with Chad to make arrangements for Eve’s car to get towed. The two bonded.

At the end of April, Julian and Eve met in the park. They talked about how Julian would be going to prison because of the CDs Luis had discovered that implicated him in many crimes, some of them actually committed by Alistair, who was using him as a fall guy. Eve didn't want to lose Julian. She also realized her whole past would be coming out as well from the CDs, and she would lose TC too. Julian told her she didn't have to worry about that and showed her a signed confession that said he had raped her years ago. Eve said there was no way that she would allow people to think that he had raped her, that their child was a product of rape. Julian said that in a way it was rape...she was so young and innocent. But Eve denied this, and said she made her own choices. She didn't want Julian going to jail for her. He said he was already going for a very long time. They talked about how they had always thought they would end up together someday. Eve didn't really want to leave Julian then, but knew it was time to go. Julian asked for one last kiss, and she obliged. Their bittersweet kiss turned passionate. When it was over, Julian looked into Eve's eyes and told her he wanted her. She hugged him, sobbing, and agreed she wanted him too. Then, in a pivotal moment, she took him by the hand and led him away, to somewhere they could "be alone."

Eve led Julian to her office to make love. She told him they would be safe there. He asked if she was sure, and she said yes, that she didn't care about anything right then except the two of them and their love, and everything they had missed. They began kissing passionately, and started to remove each other's clothing. Then, the X-ray machine came on and interrupted them. That forced Eve to stop and re-think what she was doing. She told Julian that she had wanted to make love to him, but that she couldn't betray a lifetime with TC for a fleeting moment with him, no matter how much she loved him. Julian told Eve he loved her too much to ask her to do anything she'd regret. He asked that she write to him in prison, and maybe come for a visit. Eve, sobbing, said, "I can't believe that it all comes down to this..." She begged Julian to tell her what to do. He asked her to stay with him a few more minutes, to let him hold her. She said she wanted to so badly, but couldn't trust herself. As Julian started to leave, she called to him, saying, "This can't be all that there is when I love you so."

They embraced and began to kiss. Later, they ended up on the couch, where Julian asked her again if she was sure. She said this may be the last time they could ever be together, and that she couldn't NOT be with him. They began to make love, but were interrupted by TC's knock on the door.

After dodging TC, Julian left and everyone got ready for the Founder’s Day dance. Attending the dance with her husband, Eve was surprised when Julian arrived. She questioned his presence there, since he knew what was being revealed that night on Luis' CDs. Julian suggested they go out on the terrace to talk. They held hands out there, and Eve told him she wished he hadn't come. Julian said he had to face things, and he wanted to see her. He asked her if he could hold her in his arms and dance with her the way they had never been allowed all these years. She called him darling, as she stepped into his arms.

They shared a beautiful, bittersweet dance, as if it were only the two of them in the world. Later, Eve thanked Julian for all he was doing to find her son, and held his hand to her chest. She gave him a sweet kiss before leaving, and turned to look back at him at the door.

Later that night, Luis turned the CDs back over to Alistair when the older man insisted he could help Luis’ mother, who was near death, get into an experimental treatment program. It was good news for Pilar, and for Julian in regards to his freedom. He and Eve lost the hope of finding their son on the CDs, however. When Julian later went to Alistair’s office and saw the CDs on his desk, he picked up the one with information on it about his son. Alistair threatened to shoot him if he didn’t hand it back, but Julian tried to leave with it. He was shot in the arm. Julian later had his flesh wound treated by Eve at the hospital. A rare blood donation saved his life, and he and Eve wondered if the anonymous donor might have been their son.

In June, Eve arrived at the mansion, distraught from a flashback she had of driving the car the night TC was injured years ago, in the accident that destroyed his tennis career, and ultimately led to his father's death, of a broken heart. Julian admitted she was with him, but swore he was the one driving the car. He tried to comfort her, but she said she had to put an end to it, before they hurt anyone else. A shaken Julian countered that it would hurt her to do this – and him. Eve said that their relationship was poison…too many had been hurt by them. She declared that she was never going to see him again. Julian said, “You don’t mean that.” Eve said he couldn’t contact her in anyway again, that she just couldn’t take it was too much pain. When Julian said he loved her, Eve asked that he respect her wishes then. Julian was heartbroken when she left. Even Rebecca, who walked in as Eve ran out, was moved by his grief. Soon after, Evian talked again in Eve’s office regarding the search for their son. They discussed not seeing each other anymore, and Julian dejectedly asked, “So my father wins?” Eve explained that they weren’t kids. She admitted still caring about him, but said their relationship wasn’t good for anyone. Before leaving, Julian kissed her hair, promising that he would always love her. Eve was deeply moved by his vow.

Not long after, Eve broke her promise to stay away from Julian, as Liz turned up the heat on exposing her past. Eve asked Julian to make sure that Liz had not discovered Aunt Irma’s whereabouts, like she suspected. Eve knew that her elderly aunt was all too aware of her past with Julian. Julian met with Eve outside her home and discussed his plans to check on Aunt Irma. When Julian asked for a kiss for good luck, Eve agreed...for luck! Julian investigated but missed seeing Liz, who was hiding in Aunt Irma’s room. Eve, who was sharing a romantic moment with TC, could only think of Julian and his heroics as she and her husband hugged. A meeting with a source that same night nearly netted Julian the location of his long-lost son, but Alistair ran the informant down just before he revealed the young man’s name to Julian. The only thing the source was able to tell Julian was that his son was in Harmony. Meanwhile, Liz brought Aunt Irma to the Russell home, and Eve knew the gig was up. Julian consoled a heartbroken Eve with the news about their son later on in her kitchen.

Eve said she had counted on finding their son as the one good thing that would come out of her past being exposed. She thanked Julian for standing by her through it all. That same night, Eve was called to the hospital to help Pilar, who was near death.

After her friend was stabilized, Julian took Eve home, but stopped outside her door and begged her to leave town with him rather than face the nasty fireworks that were sure to happen. Eve declined. She said TC deserved the right to cut her out of his life in person. She and Julian kissed before she headed in. Julian stayed outside as TC, Eve, Liz, and Aunt Irma met in the living room and the much feared explosion ensued. Aunt Irma fired off a bunch of nasty names at Eve, claiming she was a drug addicted harlot. After TC threatened Irma to shut up or he’d shut her up, Eve admitted that everything her aunt was saying about her was true…that she had been a night club singer, a drunk, and worse. TC refused to believe it at first, but when it finally sunk in, he tore the kitchen to pieces in a maddening rage. He later calmed down, and seemed willing to get past Eve’s not so pleasant history. But that changed when Aunt Irma revealed that Eve had given birth to a white man’s baby, and said who the father was...Julian Crane! TC laid into Eve for sleeping with Julian and giving him a child. Julian entered the house when TC would not let up. He and TC got into a fight that continued on the front lawn. Julian got some good punches in as he fought back for the first time against his rival. After Sam stopped the fight, Eve revealed all Liz had done to break up her and TC. Eve’s family believed Liz’s sob story, delivered as a thunderstorm brewed on the warm August night. Eve’s daughters turned on her viciously, and Julian comforted her. TC declared he would leave, but Eve said no, it should be her. She tearfully packed her bag and left her home with Julian.

After suffering a panic attack in the car, Eve calmed down when Julian talked to her. He took her to the Blue Note, where she got up on stage and sang two tearful songs. Her performance was gripping. Eve’s family showed up and inadvertently witnessed her act. Afterwards, TC started in on Eve again, and she slapped him. Julian took her back to the mansion and attempted to calm her fears. Eve promised he would always be a part of her life, and they kissed. Julian’s own heart was broken a little while later, when Eve announced she was returning home that night to give her marriage one more shot…that hopefully TC would understand.

She asked Julian to wish her luck, but it hurt him too much to respond. When Eve arrived home, she found TC in bed – with Liz! She ran crying out into the dark, and into Julian’s waiting arms.

Julian took her back to the mansion, calmed her, and tucked her into bed. When he was turning to leave, Eve called him back, saying she didn't want to be alone. Julian said she wouldn't be, that he would be there for her as long as she needed him. She kissed him softly as they sat on the bed, and then more deeply.

Julian looked into her eyes and saw the desire that matched his own. The two kissed furiously and began removing each other’s clothing. They fell to the bed and made love. Afterwards, they lay in each other's arms, tired but happy.

Eve mentioned that it had been so long since they were together. Julian remarked that the years hadn't changed their passion for each other. Eve agreed. Julian and Eve exchanged I love yous, and he gave her a sweet kiss. He said he knew Eve still loved TC, and she nodded. Julian said he understood, that that was part of what made her who she was. He told Eve to just know that he would always be there for her. TC barged into the room soon after, wanting to make up with Eve. After discovering her in bed with Julian, all that changed. Eve snapped at TC for sleeping with Liz. He barked at her for getting back at him by sleeping with Julian. Eve denied that was the reason they slept together. Rebecca walked in, and Julian calmly told her she was irrelevant now.

The next day, Julian learned what he and Eve had long been seeking – the identity of their son. But the news would shake him to his core. Their son was none other than Chad Harris, Whitney’s fiancé! Julian went to find Eve, and discovered her in TC’s shed, where Liz had announced to TC that Eve was the one driving the car that hit him the night he was injured. She said she saw it on Alistair’s CDs. Eve said that was not what Julian told her. Julian later showed up and said he was the driver. TC attacked him, but then calmed down and went off to think. Alone with Julian, Eve had a flashback that she was the one driving the car the night TC was hurt. Julian denied it, but Eve realized he was protecting her. She said that she was the one driving the car, as TC walked back in the shed. TC at first didn’t believe her, but Liz insisted it was true. After realizing she had caused her husband’s accident, Eve was devastated. TC spouted his anger at her. Liz went on to suggest the money Alistair had given Eve was hush money for the accident. Eve swore she hadn’t remembered the accident, and that she thought the money was from Julian. TC told Eve he was through with her.

Julian took Eve back to the mansion, where the two saw Chad and Whitney kissing in the pool. It was there by the pool that Julian broke the news to Eve about their son. Eve was at first thrilled Julian had found their child, and that they knew him, but then realized the horrible implications of Chad being their son. Fox told Whitney the truth at this time, and she too was devastated. They told Chad, and together, Whitney and Chad lashed out at Eve and Julian.

A search of the hospital’s DNA computer banks soon confirmed that Chad was indeed Julian and Eve’s son.

Chad said he would never accept them as his parents, and accused Julian of being a racist. Eve defended Julian. Chad soon mellowed a bit toward his father when he was offered an executive job at Crane Industries.

Eve, meanwhile, went into a deep depression. Julian helped her through the difficult time, at one point fearing she had taken a bottle of pills. When he learned she was OK, he put his head down on the bed in relief. Shortly after, they discovered that Alistair had leaked the fact that Chad and Whitney were siblings to the press. Eve went with Julian to confront his father about it. In the study, Alistair goaded Eve, and she slapped him.

Later that September, Eve listened emotionally as Julian revealed to her the abuse his mother had suffered at the hands of Alistair. She comforted him. They discussed Chad and Whitney’s situation, and Julian said they needed to find out what Alistair was up to in regards to their children. Eve said they were in this together, and that she was going too. When they got downstairs, Julian spotted Mrs. Wheeler. Stunned, he believed for a moment that she was his mother. Little did he know he was right!

In October, Eve went out on a date with Julian - dinner at the Seascape. Their night out was interrupted by a fight between Chad and Fox, and for Eve, a run-in with Ivy. As they were leaving, Sam got called to the mansion. There had been a shooting! Alistair was the victim. Eve arrived at the mansion and saved his life, even after Julian protested.

As time went on, Eve began to feel more at home at the mansion. She felt renewed happiness when she found Whitney in her room one day. Whitney had come there to steal a drug from Eve’s medical bag, but Eve assumed she had just wanted to see her. Later, she told Julian the good news. Eve had real hope her children might forgive her. Julian said he didn’t know what he did to deserve this second chance with her. Eve pulled him in for a kiss, and the two proceeded to make love.

Afterwards, Julian was in heaven as he and Eve snuggled close under the sheets. He suggested they go swimming, saying she made him feel like a kid again. The two were all smiles in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Their happy moment was brought to an abrupt end when they discovered Fox and Whitney making love in the pool house with Chad outside. Julian demanded that Fox stay away from Whitney. When Fox refused, Julian kicked him out of the mansion and Crane Industries.

In November, Eve made a last ditch effort to get TC back when he came to her office to talk. Liz had encouraged him to deliver the divorce papers there. Julian, knowing they may be reconciling, told Eve he only wanted her happiness. He said if her dream was to be with TC, then it was his dream too. In Eve’s office, TC discovered a DVD Eve had made for their anniversary, a DVD full of family moments. TC was touched by the images, and knew Eve’s love for him and their girls was real. Later, with Eve present, TC realized who was missing from the DVD – his father, in his casket! He handed a startled Eve the divorce papers.

Eve somberly signed the papers a few days later and delivered them to the Russell home. She discovered TC and Liz throwing out some of her things, including their wedding photos. Eve told the pair off before leaving. Julian took Eve out to dinner at the Seascape that evening to try to cheer her up. They shared an intimate dance but left when TC and Liz arrived. Back at the mansion, Julian tried to console Eve, who was unresponsive to his words. He kissed her forehead and told her to get some rest. As he was leaving, Eve told him not to go – that he had said he’d never leave her. He replied, “And I never will.” She confessed that she had loved her husband, but that she had to admit that there was a part of her heart that was always reserved for Julian, and that was why, even when she had hated him, he could always get under her skin. She said that now the tender, funny Julian she had loved was back. Julian said it was because of her, that he had wanted to be a man who was worthy of her love.

He lamented the years they had missed out on, but Eve told him they were together now. She kissed him sweetly, and then pulled on his tie as she turned up the heat with a second kiss. Later, as the two began to make love, Julian whispered that the future belonged to them.

He said he would give her the life she deserved and make her happy. Eve declared, “No more talk,” and in a sexy voice, told Julian to make love to her.

By December, Eve was dealing with yet another problem – her daughter Whitney was pregnant – by Chad! Whitney begged Eve to confirm that the baby was Fox’s, and Eve finally relented. She realized, however, that her daughter was following in her footsteps, and that a web of lies was no way to start a relationship. Later that month, Eve boldly kissed Julian in front of his father at a party Alistair was hosting. She had become the lady of the mansion, in every way that counted. That same night, after hesitating at first, Eve saved Alistair’s life when someone poisoned him, even though Julian and others wished she hadn’t. Soon after, at Eve’s urging, Julian offered Fox his job back at Crane Industries, for Whitney’s sake and the baby’s. Fox agreed to come back if Julian treated him and Chad as equals.

As winter came, Eve still felt uncomfortable being seen in public with Julian, since they both were married. She became depressed when she found out her divorce hearing was imminent. To make her feel better, Julian took Eve on a surprise trip aboard the Crane Jet. He flew her to California and tied a blindfold around her so she wouldn’t know where they were headed. In the limo, Julian untied the blindfold, and Eve was delighted when she saw the street sign – Rodeo Drive.

Julian told her he wanted to treat her like the queen she was. They had great fun as Eve modeled many beautiful outfits for him. Before leaving, Julian presented her with pearls worth, Eve was sure, more than the hospital budget for the entire year. Julian told her not to worry...she was worth it.

The two shared many smiles and kisses as they enjoyed their day of luxury. Julian told Eve this was the life she deserved.

On Christmas Eve, a somber Eve agreed to the divorce before a judge. She admitted to Julian that until that day, she had thought somehow she and TC could work things out. That night, she and Julian played Santa for Pilar, returning her home to her.

The two then attended the Christmas Eve service at church. Chad walked in, and Julian invited him to sit with them. He agreed, and ate Christmas dinner with them the next day. Eve and Julian were thrilled that their son wanted to spend the holiday with them.

Eve’s happiness turned to anger the following day, when she walked into the Russell home right after TC had proposed to Liz. Simone said they could call Liz Mom now, and this devastated Eve. She lashed out at Liz for all the terrible things she had done, and declared she was not getting her girls too. Eve continued to threaten Liz before Sheridan and Luis’ wedding. Julian was worried about Eve and tried to calm her. He talked about how he hoped they would one day be married. Eve agreed they would be together someday soon – after Liz got hers! Rebecca, meanwhile, was determined not to allow Julian to divorce her. Her husband had been shocked days earlier when he had asked her to give him a divorce, and Rebecca had agreed. But she had a plan – to get rid of Eve! Rebecca plotted to kill her rival by poisoning her drink at the wedding. During a heated argument between Eve and her sister, their glasses became mixed up. Liz drank the poisoned drink, falling to the floor, motionless. Eve tried to save her sister by performing an emergency tracheotomy so she could breathe. When TC saw Eve standing over Liz with a knife, he assumed she had killed her. As Liz was being transported to the hospital, TC demanded that Sam arrest Eve – for attempted murder. Only Julian believed in Eve’s innocence and took her side. As 2005 got underway, things looked bleak for Dr. Russell. She was arrested for attempted murder and jailed. Only time will tell if Julian will again be able to save the day for his lady love.

2004 brought about major changes in Evian’s relationship. They began the year as secret friends who shared amazingly hot kisses, and ended it as passionate lovers, no longer hiding their relationship from anyone. As the year drew to a close, Eve’s marriage was over, and Julian hoped his soon would be. He had made clear his intention many times - to marry Eve, and she seemed in complete agreement. Will 2005 bring with it an Evian engagement, and possibly a wedding? If it is as eventful as 2004 has been for our favorite couple, we Evian fans can be sure something big is in the works!

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