Their Story 2005 in Review

A Year of Trials and Tribulation for Evian

by Courtaney

2005 began with such promise. Evian fans had been treated to an unbelievable year in 2004, and hoped for more of the same. The year started off with a bang as Eve found herself in hot water at Sheridan and Luis’s wedding. Liz couldn’t help goading her sister before the ceremony, and Eve fired back with threats to Liz’s life, threats that were heard by most of Harmony, including Father Lonigan. Julian tried to calm Eve, by telling her about his plans to marry her. She agreed that she’d love to be his wife, after Liz got what was coming to her!

That almost happened, when Eve and Liz were arguing in the church basement later that evening. Rebecca poisoned Eve’s drink, hoping to rid the world of the woman her husband loved. But the sisters mixed up their drinks, and it was Liz who downed the poisoned punch. Eve saved her sister’s life with a tracheotomy, but when everyone walked in, they saw her with knife in hand, hovering over a bleeding Liz, and assumed the worst. Liz was only too happy later to assert that her darling sister poisoned her drink. Almost everyone, except Julian and Chad, who had his doubts, believed Eve was guilty. TC called for her head. Eve was arrested and taken to the police station.

At the station, Eve was booked for attempted murder. When Julian walked in, and Sam was taking Eve to her cell, she ran into her lover’s arms, sobbing inconsolably. Julian told her she’d be OK…that he’d do all he could to get her out of there. Eve soon learned she was being charged with another crime – Julian’s attempted murder! She and Julian couldn’t believe it. Thinking her mentally ill daughter Gwen was somehow being punished for her crimes, Rebecca considered confessing to the poisoning. She chickened out, however, when she thought of the realities of prison life.

Julian received a great shock soon after – his mother was alive! He went to see with his own eyes and had an emotional reunion with her. Julian visited Eve in jail, comforting her, and telling her the miraculous news about his mother. Eve was thrilled for Julian as she put aside her own troubles to listen to his remarkable story.

After spending a good portion of January in jail, Eve was finally released on bond, to go home with the man she loved.

In February, Evian were drawn into the horrors of incest as Whitney declared she hated her unborn baby. A distraught Eve admitted to Julian that Chad was the father of Whitney’s baby. Eve accused Whitney of trying to starve her baby. She and Julian tried to convince Whitney to tell Chad and Fox the truth. Whitney was furious that Eve told Julian her secret. She refused to tell Julian’s sons the truth, leading him to want to tell them himself. Eve said it was Whitney’s secret to tell. The problems with their children consumed Evian’s Valentine celebration. Things only got worse when Whitney refused Fox’s proposal in the Bennett back yard because she still loved Chad. Julian and Eve, and the rest of Harmony, tried to convince Whitney and Chad that they could not live together as friends. Although Whitney finally agreed, Evian were nonetheless powerless to stop the chain of events that were soon to shake both families to the core.

March came in like a lion, as Julian told Tabitha he wanted to be a part of his daughter Endora’s life. Tabitha refused. Julian said he wanted custody, but Tabitha said he would never get her daughter. Endora caused the house to shake. Julian tried to convince Tabitha to let him be a part of the child's life, saying how he had changed, and it was Timmy that helped him change.

Tabitha refused to allow Julian to use Timmy's memory to wrangle time with Endora. Julian said he’d leave, but he wouldn’t give up on being a part of his young daughter's life. Julian also learned that Ivy had overheard a conversation he had with Tabitha about Endora at the Bennetts. He warned Ivy not to make trouble for his child and her mother.

Later that month, Whitney and Chad’s baby was born, though all but a few thought he was really Fox’s. Evian tried to convince Whitney to tell both men the truth, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. Julian tried to get Chad to realize he had to give up this fantasy of ever having a life with Whitney, while Eve begged her daughter to tell the doctors that the baby was a product of incest, as his health was failing.

Soon, the baby’s condition began to improve. As April began, Eve discovered that Whitney planned to give her child up for adoption. She tried to talk her out of it. When it became a lost cause, Julian suggested they adopt the baby. Eve was thrilled at the prospect.

At the adoption agency, they learned that TC and Liz had the same idea. Fox too, wanted to adopt the baby, but it looked like the power of attorney he gave Whitney while he was away was going to cost him his “son.” Chad soon showed up with the baby in his arms, telling everyone that he was the one who adopted him. Evian couldn't believe it.

As May flowers bloomed, Evian were trying to make sense of the mess that had been made of their children’s lives. Fox wanted his son, but Chad wasn’t about to give him up. Knowing Eve needed a break from this nightmare, Julian had a romantic evening prepared for her in their suite. He ushered her home to a room decorated in candles. Julian told Eve he wanted them to forget about everything but the two of them, just for awhile. He wanted them to remember the one thing that was right in their lives – their love. Eve thanked him for being so wonderful. The two shared a beautiful evening in their room. It was the first time viewers saw that they now shared a bedroom in the mansion, Julian’s beautiful suite.

After their romantic dinner, Eve and Julian danced to a song Eve used to sing. Julian wanted Eve to imagine they were back there now, with nothing and no one to worry about, as they danced and kissed. The two were truly transported to another time and place.

The night continued with Evian making love, during which Julian stopped and tenderly asked Eve if she was all right, as he knew she was feeling down. She said she loved being with him but was worried about their children; she wanted them to be as happy as she and Julian were. Julian asked her what else they could do, short of telling Fox the truth about the baby, then just remember that they were a couple, and strong enough to be there for their children.

Their beautiful, romantic night only got better as they shared a tender moment after making love. Julian told Eve she was exquiste and beautiful. She laughed and said, "Go on." He and Eve exchanged I love yous. Eve thanked him for making it such a special night for her.

Evian’s sweet little moment of paradise was just that, a brief getaway from all the nastiness in their children’s lives. In June, Julian comforted Eve in the park as she fretted over Whitney’s drinking problems. She insisted she had failed her girls, though Julian tried to get her to see otherwise. Problems with baby Miles’ health brought the conversation to a close, as Evian headed to the studio to see how they could help.

In July, after realizing there were too many interruptions at the Blue Note, Julian took Eve to a little bar where they could have some alone time. Eve talked about how she wished life could have do-overs, so they could roll back time and undo all their mistakes. Julian said he didn’t know if he’d take a do-over if one were offered, he’d just accept the miracle that they were given another chance at happiness together.

Julian told Eve he didn’t know what he did to deserve a second chance with her, but Eve said she knew…that he stood by her the way no one else ever had. They enjoyed dinner and spoke of their families, including Whitney, and Sheridan and Luis. Eve said she hoped Julian's sister and Luis would get a miracle like they did.

That same month, Julian learned dreams really do come true, when he took Eve to the Blue Note one evening. After a romantic dinner and champagne toast, Julian asked Eve if she remembered the story about their table, which he had set aside when he recreated the old Blue Note in Boston…how he did it with the hope that one glorious day they would be there together again.

Julian said he should have asked her years ago, but he was doing it now. Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a box containing an exquisite diamond ring, Julian asked his lady love to marry him. Eve happily said yes, and they kissed. Later, they shared a romantic dance to the tune of Whitney’s singing, while Rebecca, TC and Liz jealously looked on.

Eve and Julian’s engagement celebration was short-lived, as an earthquake struck Harmony. Eve cared for the victims at the Blue Note, and during the process, bonded a little with her ex. TC said the quake changed him, and he wished Eve all the best with Julian. When they received word that Whitney was at the studio, injured, TC and Eve decided to set out to help her, leaving Julian and Liz at the Blue Note to assist the others. While on the way to the studio, TC begged Eve not to marry Julian. Another quake hit, and he was trapped underneath a lamppost. Eve rescued him. Then, a tsunami hit shore, and a wave carried Eve and TC away. The two managed to survive, and a thrilled Eve planted a kiss of gratitude on her ex-husband.

Meanwhile, Julian had to fend off a crazed Liz, who kissed him and tried to get him to make love to her back at the Blue Note. The tsunami began flooding the night club, and Julian saved Liz, as the two floated in a tiny air pocket near the ceiling. Liz kept insisting they had made love years ago. She said Julian threw her away like a piece of trash. He denied it.

After the water receded, Julian insisted on going to find Eve, and Liz, angry that he wouldn’t make love, stabbed him in the back with an ice pick.

After taking shelter in a car, Eve became worried when she got a strange cell phone call. She sensed it was Julian and that he was in trouble. She rushed back to the Blue Note with TC, where she found her fiancé lying face down with an ice pick in his back. A distraught Eve tended to him. Julian named Liz as the perpetrator, but she insisted it was self defense, that Julian tried to rape her and that he had seduced her years ago too. TC took her side, but Eve knew it was all a lie.

As August continued, more trouble brewed for Evian. Eve’s lawyer announced that the DA was scheduling her trial, and said she needed to accept a plea bargain for ten years in prison; otherwise, she would get life without any parole. Eve refused to plead guilty for something she didn’t do. Julian fired the lawyer, and they convinced Ethan to take the case. Julian soon became suspicious of just what Rebecca knew about the whole attempted murder plot, since she was the lone witness.

As Julian tried to break Rebecca, Eve was reaching her own breaking point at the Russell house, after TC had called her there to talk. He revealed that he knew the truth about Miles being Chad’s son. He was upset that she didn’t tell him, and even more upset when Eve admitted she told Julian. Surprisingly, TC said it was all his fault…that he and Eve would still be married if he hadn’t been such a fool. Chad arrived and told them that Whitney was going through with her plan to join a convent, that she just couldn’t get over that they had slept together during the tsunami. Simone came home after weeks away and blasted her parents for not contacting her, and for pretty much ignoring her her entire life.

Whitney showed up and everyone begged her not to join the convent. She said she had to, for Miles’ sake, and headed out. When left alone with TC, Eve blamed herself for the destruction of her children’s lives. TC comforted her, and the two kissed. Julian arrived at the Russell home at that exact time, walking in on his fiancée in the arms of her ex-husband.

Julian was in complete shock. Liz entered from another room with a bottle of wine in her hand. Realizing what Julian had just witnessed, Liz began laughing hysterically. She told Eve that now Julian knew what a two-timing harlot she was. Eve turned around and saw her fiancé, and the pain in his eyes. She apologized, saying she and TC were talking about family and just got carried away. Liz gleefully continued bashing Eve, and revealed to Julian that TC wanted his ex-wife back. Julian was stunned.

After getting over the initial shock, Julian told Eve that he only wanted what she wanted, and if it meant getting back with TC to rebuild their family, that that was what he wanted for her too. He offered to step aside. Both he and TC professed their love for her and asked who she wanted to be with. Simone arrived just then, battered and bleeding from being attacked by Spike. Eve tended to her, and realized Simone was lying about where she had been all those weeks. Simone opened up to her mother, admitting that she was a lesbian and was involved with another woman. Eve took it well, but it was still a big shock.

The problems in her daughters’ lives led Eve to do the unimaginable when she returned to the living room…she chose TC. She told Julian she wanted a chance to make things up to her children. Eve said she was sorry, but Julian reminded her that they told each other they’d stop saying “I’m sorry.” He caressed her face and said he understood.

Liz harassed Eve some more, saying she saw her poison her drink. Julian told Eve he would continue to work to prove her innocence. She thanked him and said she would miss him so much. She tearfully took off her ring to give it back to him. Julian couldn’t bring himself to take it, leading Liz to grab it and put it in his pocket for him.

Julian told Liz they were going. Eve asked him to wait, but Julian said all along, he had only wanted her happiness, and if being with TC was what made her happy, then Godspeed, but he couldn’t stay and watch. He then dragged a drunken Liz out of the house so she would stop her verbal attack on her sister.

Julian went to the Seascape that evening, to drink away his sorrows. Alistair came up and taunted him, saying women like Eve were a dime a dozen. As his father continued to attack Eve’s character, Julian nearly hit him. Alistair then pointed out who just walked in…TC and Eve. TC brought Eve to the Seascape for a celebration dinner, but she admitted she was going to need time to get over Julian. Seeing him at the bar, she looked upon him with sorrowful eyes. TC got called away in an emergency involving a basketball player, but Eve said she’d wait on him. When he left, she went over to Julian. She told him not to be sad and asked him what he was going to do now. Julian didn’t know…he told her that when he was with her he wanted to be the best of everything…best husband, best man, best father…but now, none of that seemed to matter. He spoke of how he used to be a really bad man, but that Timmy saw something good in him, and he started to change, and then when he was with her, he started to change more, but that now he had lost them both.

Eve begged Julian not to go back to the man he was, to promise her he wouldn’t. But he couldn’t make that promise. She told him she loved him, and admitted she was going back to TC because of her girls…to try to give them some semblance of family before her trial, because she would probably be going to prison for a long time. Eve said what she and Julian had together was magical and healing. She begged him to support her a little while longer through all of these crises. Julian said all he ever wanted was her happiness, and agreed to help her.

Eve said Julian was the best man she had ever known, and she knew he couldn’t go back to being the man he was. Julian said he would move heaven and earth to prove her innocence. Eve said she loved him so much, and leaned her forehead against his.

The two kissed passionately, with Eve breaking it off for a moment to tell him how much she loved him. Julian said, “My God, I can tell.” They continued to kiss. Julian said he never wanted to let Eve go. She said her family needed her, and Julian asked, “But what do you need?” She answered with another kiss. TC walked in and asked what was going on. Eve said they were just saying goodbye, but he had seen the passion between them and knew it was much more than that.

Julian decided right then to fight for Eve. He told TC that she rekindled a fire in him that he wasn’t going to let go out again. He assured Eve she could be a good mother to Whitney and Simone and be with him at the same time. He begged her not to turn her back on their love and kill the man she had brought to life. Eve didn’t trust herself to make the right decision then, and said she wasn’t going home with either of them – that she would go to the B&B so she could be on her own to decide.

Later that night, Eve was looking at pictures of Julian and TC, in her room at the B&B, when Julian showed up. He had dinner catered in to her there, because he knew she never got to eat at the Seascape. They shared a romantic dinner, with Julian serving her dessert and making her smile at his cute French accent. Eve said she needed time to choose, but Julian mentioned how good things were between them. She said she loved him dearly. He joked that he wasn’t leaving there until she agreed to grow old with him as his wife.

As Eve’s trial neared that September, her sister made her an offer – if she left town for good, Liz would make sure she beat this rap. Eve didn’t want to consider her offer. At the courthouse, Julian tried to reassure Eve, telling her not to be nervous. She thanked him for all he had done for her, saying she didn’t think she could have survived this if it wasn’t for him. The trial started out poorly, as the prosecutor attacked Eve’s character at every turn. She twisted everything Eve’s daughters said about her. Julian was called to the stand and tried to defend Eve. He said that he loved her because she was so easy to defend – due to her kindness, warmth, generosity, and compassion for others. He declared that it was these things that made it impossible she would ever take another person’s life, no matter how hideously they treated her. He admitted he was evil when he came into Eve’s life again, but that his love for her changed him into someone who could care again.

Julian’s heartfelt testimony seemed to no avail, however, as Liz took the stand and moved in for the kill. All hope seemed to be lost after her testimony. The DA offered Eve a plea bargain – 45 years in prison. Eve said that was no plea bargain. As they left the courthouse, Julian asked Eve to run away with him. Eve said everyone would think she was guilty, and she wouldn’t be setting a good example for her children. Julian said prison would suck the life out of her. She said her daughters needed her, and she wouldn’t allow him to give up his life for her. Julian said nothing had meaning unless she was by his side. He begged her to let him give her her freedom. Eve said that freedom was so precious, and agreed to go away with him. Julian was thrilled.

After saying goodbye to Whitney at the convent, Eve headed to the Crane Jet with Julian. Onboard the plane, Julian said he couldn’t believe they were getting another chance. He understood that Eve had misgivings about leaving. She said how loving and supportive he’d been of her. He told her she hadn’t seen anything yet – that he was going to spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy.

They kissed, but their sweet moment was interrupted by the sound of sirens. The police had gotten wind of what they were up to, thanks to Alistair. Julian tried to get the pilot to take off, but he refused, saying the runway was blocked. The authorities boarded the plane and arrested Eve and Julian.

Julian soon was released on bond, but couldn’t get Eve out of jail. He visited her in her cell and apologized for making things worse for her. Eve mentioned how they would have been halfway to Europe by now, if they hadn’t been caught. You could tell she wanted that dream as badly as he. Julian vowed to never leave her again, like he had in the past. He said he would find a way to get her out of there, and the two kissed between the bars of her cell. He soon set his sights on Rebecca, trying to get her to admit that she was the one who poisoned the punch, and that the intended victim was Eve. Rebecca denied it, and brought up the ridiculous divorce settlement Julian tried to offer her in the past. He said if she could keep Eve from going to prison, he’d give her anything she wanted. Rebecca’s ears perked up. She asked Julian if he would consider revising his divorce settlement. He said he would. But Rebecca refused to admit she poisoned Eve’s punch.

Eve’s children visited her in her cell, and a defeated Eve told them goodbye. Julian showed up and told her that his hunch didn’t pay off, but he was more convinced than ever that this person could free Eve. He said he’d keep hammering away. Julian vowed to be with Eve, every step of the way. They kissed. The next day, Eve got her chance to take the stand. She spoke of her childhood with Liz, and how she didn’t know their father had molested her sister. The prosecutor brought up the fact that Eve lied to TC about her past, and was sneaking around kissing Julian while she was married to him. She asked Eve how the jury could believe her when she said she didn’t do this, since she was such a liar. All appeared lost for Eve.

As the jury left to consider the verdict, Rebecca approached Julian and asked to talk to him. She told him she could save Eve…if he signed a piece of paper for her. Julian asked what was in it, but Rebecca said he had to sign it sight unseen. Julian finally agreed, realizing this was Eve’s only hope. Rebecca then approached the bench and declared she needed to speak to the judge – that she had something to confess. The judge finally agreed to hear from her, and she stunned the court with the news that she just remembered something that was somehow blocked from her mind before…she remembered that she saw Liz with a vial of poison in the church basement that night, that Liz had poisoned Eve’s drink, not the other way around! Rebecca said she saw the vial of poison in Liz’s purse moments before, and that was what triggered her memory. Liz said it was a lie, and emptied the contents of her purse. The vial of poison fell out. She was shocked.

Rebecca said Liz brought the poison there to kill Eve if she was set free. The judge bought it, especially since Rebecca seemingly had no motive to help Eve. He declared a mistrial, and said Eve was free to go. Eve was thrilled that she was granted her freedom. She hugged Julian in celebration.

TC told her they could pick up where they left off now, but Eve said she still had to decide who she wanted to be with. The whole group headed to the Seascape to celebrate. Alistair stunned everyone at the Seascape with a surprise wedding to Theresa. Eve later told Julian she thought he was keeping something from her. Julian assured her he wasn’t. After Eve left, he tried to get Rebecca to back out of the deal, but Rebecca said if Julian reneged, so would she, and Eve would go to prison.

Eve and Julian got called to the Blue Note by the DA later that October. They wanted her to press charges against her sister. Eve refused, saying Liz had been through enough already. Liz screamed that she hated Eve, and vowed to never stop trying to make her pay. Julian again tried to get Eve to press charges, but she wouldn’t. He said what a good person she was.

When word came later that month that Luis was killed, apparently by Alistair, Julian and Eve headed to Pilar’s house to offer condolences. Stepping into the Lopez-Fitzgerald foyer, Eve remarked to Julian about how unbearable all of this was. Julian said Alistair liked to cause pain. Eve couldn’t believe how he managed to survive his childhood. Julian said Alistair tried to mold him into his own image but failed because Eve’s love changed him, it kept him from becoming Alistair.

Eve said he would never be that old Julian again, and once they were married, nothing would ever separate them again. Elated, Julian asked her if that meant what he thought it did. Eve said yes, she chose him. She said Luis’s death made her realize that she had to grab onto happiness while she could.

Eve said she didn’t want to face a lifetime of regret like Sheridan. A thrilled Julian pulled her in for a kiss. Evian spent the next bit of their time at Pilar’s in the background, cuddling up to one another. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

That same day, Theresa cried to Eve about how Alistair was raping her. She begged Eve to help by giving her something that would stop Alistair from forcing himself on her. After Alistair arrived and humiliated Theresa in front of them all, Eve gave her some medication that would knock him out the next time he came after her. She cautioned Theresa to only give him one pill.

The month ended with Julian trying to smooth things over between his sons at CI, and Eve dealing with the triple whammy of having to save both Ethan and James’ lives, while handling TC’s wrath when he learned Simone was gay.

November began badly for Evian, and things only got worse. At the start of the month, Ethan was in a coma, near death, because Theresa had poisoned some guacamole she intended for Alistair. Rebecca realized Eve must have given the pills to Theresa. She told Julian that his Dr. Love nearly had a heart attack when she learned the name of the pills Ethan was poisoned with. Julian told her to back off, but Becks insisted that if something happened to Ethan, Eve would be an accessory to murder and would go to jail for a long time.

Later that month, Julian went to the Blue Note and ran into Liz. She remarked that she was sorry about Ethan. Julian mentioned how she never had any children. She said that it was his fault, that after he had forced himself on her, she had to have an operation and couldn’t have children. Julian didn’t believe her, but was troubled by her words.

Not long after, Julian was at the hospital checking on Ethan. He told Eve that every day he was thankful that they found their way back into each other’s lives. Eve said she felt the same way. Bothered by what Liz said, about him being the reason she couldn’t have children, Julian set off to learn the truth. He got more than he bargained for when he reached Liz’s apartment. Liz told him that she had gone looking for Eve years ago and found a drunken Julian, who took her somewhere to meet her sister. But when they got there, he forced himself on her and brutally raped her. She described the rape in detail and said that afterward, the idea of sex was repugnant to her, and that was why she couldn’t have any children. Julian suddenly had a flashback of that time, remembering some things Liz had described. He was horrified to realize what she said was true. He offered to help her any way he could. She said she had seen psychiatrists, and that there was nothing anyone could do to help. Julian said there had to be something he could do, just name it. Liz said there was – she wanted him. She proceeded to pull him into a kiss!

In December, family gathered at the hospital to say goodbye to Ethan, as Gwen prepared to turn off his life support. Julian told Ethan that he never stopped loving him or thinking of him as his son. Julian then headed to Eve’s office to call his children and let them know it was time to say goodbye to Ethan. Liz walked in, and Julian told her not today, that the man he thought was his son was about to die. She said she could make it better, and dropped her coat. She had nothing on underneath! Liz told Julian to make love to her. He refused, and she said if he didn’t, she would kill Eve. Liz threatened to kill Julian and then get Eve too in the hallway. Julian refused to comply and threatened to call the cops. Liz vowed to jump out at them sometime when they least expected it and kill them both, if he didn’t do this. She produced a letter opener and cut the buttons off of Julian’s shirt. She ordered him to take off his clothes and get on the floor. She straddled him, putting the opener to his throat and ordering him to kiss her.

At that moment, Eve walked in. Julian tried to explain that it wasn’t what it looked like, but Liz insisted Julian was the aggressor here. He said she threatened them, and that he’d planned to try to get away. Liz said this wasn’t the first time Julian had slept with her. Julian denied that anything had happened just then.

Liz told Eve about the night they had spent together long ago, when Julian forced himself on her. Eve was shocked. Julian said whatever happened between them in the past meant nothing to him, that he was a changed man, and that Liz had set a trap for him in her office. He begged Eve to tell him she believed him, and that she still loved him. A distraught Eve got paged and ran out, saying she couldn’t deal with this now. Liz smugly insisted Eve would be back - to break it off with Julian!

When Eve returned, Julian looked defeated, but it was Liz she slapped! She told her enough was enough - she wasn’t taking her abuse anymore. Julian and Eve tried to talk to her about giving up her anger and moving on. Liz refused to give it up, so Julian ushered her out. He promised Eve that Liz couldn’t hurt them anymore, and the two kissed. Liz listened in and bragged to herself that she could still hurt them in the worst possible way.

Eve and Julian spent Christmas Eve in church. When Ethan showed up, alive and well, the parishioners were stunned. After the service, Eve headed off to examine him, while Julian took baby Jane home for Gwen. On New Year’s Eve, Evian headed over to the Bennetts for a party, only to find the house empty. TC and Liz arrived too, and the group found a computer message left for them by Alistair Crane. He claimed to have paid Simone’s girlfriend, Rae, to seduce her! A livid TC smashed the PC, as the four headed over to the mansion to confront Alistair, at what was to be quite an eventful affair.

Evian had a lot of good moments in 2005…Their grandchild was born. They got engaged. Eve was able to go free, instead of to prison. She finally chose Julian, once and for all. And the two had some special moments together in their suite. However, there were a lot of bad times too, especially surrounding their children. Both felt terrible about what was going on in Whitney and Chad’s lives. Julian found himself bound to Rebecca forever. And Liz still threatened to destroy their love. So far in 2006, Evian have managed to weather the storms that have come their way. Hopefully, they will continue to do so, and will finally be able to free themselves from those who want to destroy their happiness and prevent this endearing couple from uniting in wedded bliss.


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